Spartan 66 2011 Ranking #58

The Michigan State Spartans won a share of the Big Ten title in 2010. Last year, looked in-depth at sixty-six Spartans and their importance to the team's success. We look at 66 Spartans as 1966 was the last time MSU won a National Championship. It is now time to look at the #58 ranked Spartan in 2011.

Corey Freeman

SD 2011 Ranking : #58

Position: Defensive End

Experience : Junior

Strengths : Explosive player with high potential.

Weakness : Off the field issues slowed overall development.

Corey Freeman is a player with a ton of potential and some of that started to show up last season. However, off the field issues stopped Freeman prior to his Spartans career and showed up again this past spring as he was suspended for the spring game.

Overall: What is the future for Corey Freeman? It should be one of promise as long as he's done what was expected out of him since his spring suspension.

Why He Made The List: Overall potential is great for Freeman and he can continue to develop he'll have a chance to make a higher impact than his preseason ranking. But because of the uncertainty, we had to lower his overall ranking.

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