Spartan 66 2011 Ranking #56

The Michigan State Spartans won a share of the Big Ten title in 2010. Last year, looked in-depth at sixty-six Spartans and their importance to the team's success. We look at 66 Spartans as 1966 was the last time MSU won a National Championship. It is now time to look at the #56 ranked Spartan in 2011.

Kurtis Drummond

SD 2011 Ranking : #56

Position: Safety

Experience : Redshirt Freshman

Strengths : Potential to be a big-time player in the Spartans defense.

Weakness : Development slowed from shoulder injury suffered last August.

Drummond is a player who may be ranked too low when we look back at the end of the season. Lots of potential to be a good one but was slowed with a shoulder injury in last year's camp.

Overall: Coming out of high school much was expected out of Drummond. There is still plenty of time and as we said he may be ranked too low. However, early camp will tell us if he's going to be a major contributor or a role player this year.

Why He Made The List: The potential Kurtis Drummond has is some of the best on the Spartans roster. Great physical size and athletic ability will give him a chance to be in the two-deep. However, we had to keep the ranking low as we'll see how he responds to the competition and depth the Spartans have. At worst he should be a solid special team's player this season.

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