Spartan 66 2011 Ranking #54

The Michigan State Spartans won a share of the Big Ten title in 2010. Last year, looked in-depth at sixty-six Spartans and their importance to the team's success. We look at 66 Spartans as 1966 was the last time MSU won a National Championship. It is now time to look at the #54 ranked Spartan in 2011.

Taiwan Jones

SD 2011 Ranking : #54

Position: Linebacker

Experience : True Freshman

Strengths : Enters Michigan State with the size to compete early.

Weakness : True freshman who has a lot to learn over the next year.

A month ago I might not have placed Jones on this list. However, all the reports I'm getting are saying he's gotten bigger, faster, and stronger and could be pushing to get on the field early.

Overall : Much like Donavon Clark, it is always hard to place true high school players on a rankings list. Nevertheless, I've heard nothing but good things about Jones over the summer and would not be surprised if he's pushed into special teams plays at least. Right now I would expect him to be an outside linebacker, but he may be getting big enough to bring up to the edge and come off the corner.

Why He Made The List : The potential is there for Taiwan Jones to contribute early in his career on special teams and with selected reps on defense. The hope would be to use a year to redshirt the Michigan native, but Mark Dantonio is looking to win another Big Ten title and you put the best of the best on the field.

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