Kings - "I've All Ready Made My Decision"

MacGarrett Kings had returned home to Fort Lauderdale, Florida on Tuesday following his great performance at Michigan State's final summer camp. He spoke with as he watched his nephew play some summer football. But that did not change his thoughts about his future.

None of the shine had worn off the experience MacGarrett Kings felt from his visit to Michigan State on Monday. In fact, he had no problem expressing his love for all things Green & White.

"My trip to Michigan State was good. I loved it, just loved it."

Everything the 5-foot-10, 180-pound athlete was told by his recruiting coach Mark Staten panned out.

"It just confirmed what I thought it was. When Coach Staten came down he showed me a lot of love, and whatever Coach Staten showed me is what I found up there."

Not only did MacGarrett get love from the Spartan coaches, he also found a quick bond between several of the newest Spartans.

"I also got a chance to talk with Juwan Caesar who is also from Florida and he told me all about his transition to Michigan State. There is a lot of love up there and the incoming freshmen there also showed me a lot of love. There was just love everywhere I went and it reminds me of the high school I go to now. I just loved it."

While listed as a running back by, the Spartans have other plans if he puts on the Green & White.

"They see me as a Keshawn Martin type of player. A slot receiver who is versatile enough to do other things, so that is who I'm going to be."

While the Spartan staff has worked hard to get the Florida native on campus and into the fold, it is MacGarrett who is working his recruiting plan to perfection.

"You know, there are not that many Florida kids up there and I know if I take my talent up there I can get on the field early. See, a lot of Florida kids do not understand that if you stay down here in the state of Florida, there are a 101 MacGarrett's down here.

"So if I go up North to the Big Ten, no one is going to be able to cover me. I was the fastest guy in camp and players up there do not see that every day, so I just want to take my talents up north."

When asked about when he's likely to make his college decision known, MacGarrett says in his mind it is all done with.

"I've already made my decision. I'm going to commit to Michigan State, but I've got to make sure everything is good with my mother and dad.

"They want to go up and see it. I've told them it's all good, but you know how parents are; they want to see if for themselves."

When could MacGarrett and his parents make a trip to East Lansing?

"I'm going to take my official visit I hope for the Michigan game. I want to go up and see that game and hope to do it all then." will continue to follow up on the future recruitment of MacGarrett Kings.

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