Staten Talks Progress of O-Line

The biggest question heading into camp was the progress of the Spartans offensive line. Mark Staten addressed the early progress of his chargers after a week of practice.

Michigan State fans are hoping Mark Staten can work his magic and bring the Spartans offensive line together for another championship season. How are the Spartans progressing early in camp?

Their getting better every day," said Staten. "Their preparing every day spending extra time as this is very important to them. There is no way they're not going to go out and be ready on Sept. 2."

On Saturday, Staten got a chance to look at the early progress of the offensive line during the Spartans scrimmage. What did he take away from the group's performance after watching the film?

I took out of this scrimmage their toughness," Staten said. "Now there is a lot of technique we need to fix and a couple of missed assignments here and there. But I felt they came out and played low, played hard, try to play through every whistle.

"I would like to see a little more emotion out of them. I think emotionally when something good happens and it goes right, we try to point it out in the room, all of us position coaches say hey, look at that your celebrating, you're going down and high fiving your teammate, great job of picking him up off the pile. So we're constantly trying to get better there."

While there are still open spots to be filled along the line, Staten feels he's got some guys stepping up their game and a leader has emerged.

"Everybody is hungry, everybody's working hard," said Staten. "The nice thing about a Joel Foreman is he's leading these guys, he's even stepped his game up. He's pointing out things in the meeting room and he's trying to make it better as well. Great job of the older guys leading the younger guys.

"It's still a tight race at a lot of spots, but some guys have taken their play up since the spring so they're getting more reps with the ones and running with the ones or the twos. It's a good problem to have when you have this talent and you have these hungry, hungry guys and you've got guys who have a chip on their shoulders who want to prove something."

One spot all Spartan fans are keeping an eye on is left tackle. How has Dan France progressed so far this camp?

"He continues to get better," said Staten. "I've got to keep my foot on him just to keep on him every play even when he gets a little tired. Coach D does a great job of putting us in situations where we get these guys breathing a little hard, breathing a little heavy, and he's just got to constantly understand that, hey their breathing heavy too. The harder he goes the lower he plays the better this whole offense is."

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