Jackson Feeling Good

Travis Jackson has followed up a solid spring with a very productive early camp. Fighting for the starting job at center, the Ohio native is feeling good about how things have gone so far.

Coming out of high school Travis Jackson was expected to be a solid player during his Michigan State career. However, winning the starting job at center may have come sooner than many thought when looking at the St. Francis DeSales product.

How does Jackson feel about things after the first week of camp?

Feeling pretty good," said Jackson. "You know things are starting to come together after the first scrimmage. When you go live against a good defense and have a good offense you really see the things that you need to fix. So this next week will be all about fixing those things we did wrong in the first scrimmage and try to execute in the second scrimmage."

As one of the younger players along the line, Jackson has seen added depth and leadership help with the way the offensive line as a group have come together.

"I mean the O-line developed as a whole room and has been awesome," said Jackson. "Having Blake Treadwell and Dan France come over was huge for depth. Those two guys are both awesome players and Jack Allen is starting to see some with the twos, the freshman, so he's doing really well up there. The leadership of the line is awesome with Joel Foreman, Jared (McGaha), Chris McDonald, Ethan Ruhland even played a little bit and they've been awesome so far."

Heading into the second week, Jackson knows things can be a grind, but they do know soon they will be playing for the prize.

"It's always a grind but you're working for that first game," Jackson said. "So we really have our eyes on the prize right now and just taking it day-by-day and really working hard."

Coming off a Big Ten Championship the Spartan coaches have stressed how hard it will be to stay at the top.

"They say it's tougher to stay there than to get there," said Jackson. "Our focus right now is really going from good to great so that's what we're doing, just focusing and playing hard every day."

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