Foreman Likes What He Sees

The veteran of the offensive line is redshirt senior Joel Foreman. Getting ready to start his fourth year as the starting left guard, Foreman knows the Spartans are young, but feels there is some talent ready to take their place.

It must have felt strange for Highland (MI) native Joel Foreman when he reported to Spartans preseason camp. Not only was he no longer the young guy among the offensive line, he's considered the group's leader heading into his final season in the Green & White.

How does Foreman feel the Spartans offensive line is coming together?

"You know I think our biggest thing is that we've had some of the younger guys get in," Foreman said. "We've had a couple of practices in (about a week and a half) and it was good for them to get in there and feel the speed of the game and kind of get caught up."

Between the mix of young players and a couple who came over from defense, Foreman knows the Spartans may lack some experience but will make up for it with talent.

How are guys like Dan France, Blake Treadwell and the young players doing so far?

"It just creates more depth for us," said Foreman. "We have very talented people and obviously you know our biggest thing is we're a little inexperience. To be able to go out there and have those guys get in there and get a little bit of the fire and get use to the speed is a great asset for us and creates a little more depth for the offensive line.

"Those guys are making leaps and strides. Some of those guys came in last year and just trying to get use to the program and use to the way we do things. And to see them come out here and come off the scout team last year and this week and a half make the improvements that they've made is unbelievable, it's a testament to our offseason work, their offseason work and their personal investment. So you've got to give it to them as they've done a lot of things to get to where there at right now and their improving every day.

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