Narduzzi Not Looking at Stats

Michigan State defensive coordinator Pat Narduzzi was happy with is group's performance. However, he knows stats do not mean you have a good defense.

For Pat Narduzzi the win over Florida Atlantic gave him a chance to see his defense shuffle in and out guys for evaluations. It also allowed him to see the difference a week can make.

"Did not look at anything else but the defense for the ones, two and threes," said Narduzzi. "Just a pretty dominant form by those guys, they worked their tails off this week and they were good into the week. Just look at the last week, when you think about that game and I didn't know until I looked at the tape, I thought we played pretty solid last week, but we didn't play with a lot of leverage inside with our D-line and D-tackle and that was probably the difference from a week ago. With today, they played square, played with a little leverage and it was a nice performance."

By posting a shutout will Narduzzi find it hard to find something to fix for this week?

"No, this will be a big one this week, can't wait," said Narduzzi. "The boys are cranked up already. Didn't have a lot of reps on defense, went a lot of three-and-outs and that gives our guys a little pressure for next week."

While fans will look at the records and stat sheet from Saturday's victory, Narduzzi looks at other areas to determine how his defense is playing.

"Stats are for losers anyways," said Narduzzi. "It was good to execute and we did execute last week too. We played with as good leverage as we needed to. We played with good leverage and technique and Coach Barnett, Coach Tressel and Coach Gill coached the heck out of them and it was done right. We've seen this team play for two previous years and they gained yards and they are a good football team."

One player missing from Saturday's game was defensive end Tyler Hoover. How much longer should Spartan fans expect Hoover to be out?

"Not real long, maybe another week, I don't really know," said Narduzzi. "But he is feeling pretty good out there, he wanted to play today and he asked at halftime if he could put some pads on but I told him no. So I don't know exactly how long. But it won't be long, he feels pretty good."

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