Roushar Knows Irish Better Than Advertised

Michigan State offensive coordinator Dan Roushar knows Notre Dame's defense is better than many think.

If you think Michigan State offensive coordinator Dan Roushar feels his offense can run over Notre Dame's defense, think again. Roushar knows the Irish defense is better than the numbers show.

"They're very strong and very, very physical," Roushar said of the Irish defense. "They have the ability to get into eight-man fronts by dropping safeties very quickly, so that makes it challenging. I think they have an outstanding linebacker in Manti Te'o. That guy can run sideline to sideline and can hit you. I think they present the same challenges they did last year."

Despite the Irish secondary giving up big plays in last week's game against Michigan, Roushar feels the Spartans will be facing some serious talent this week.

"I think their secondary is much better than what people think they are," commented Roushar. "They have an outstanding safety in Harrison Smith and I think both of those corners (Robert Blanton and Gary Gray) can make plays. If you watched them last year covering Southern Cal and other people, they do a heck of a job. They're very good."

Since the start of camp the Spartans offensive line has been the biggest subject when talking about the offense. How does Roushar feel they are coming along after two games?

"There were some positive things from week one to week two," said Roushar. "Our fundamentals were better and assignment-wise we were better, so that was encouraging. We're starting to make some small strides."

One battle still brewing is at center where Travis Jackson is looking to reclaim the spot many felt he'd take prior to an injury late in camp. Despite Jackson getting reps in practice this week, Roushar feels Blake Treadwell has done nothing to be moved out of a starter's role.

"I think we'll be in a situation where they will compete," said Roushar. "Travis was back on the field yesterday and looked pretty good in a limited numbers of snaps that he took. I think it will be a day-to-day evaluation, but Blake has played pretty well the first two games."

Having played their first two games at home, Roushar feels his offense is ready to be tested away from Spartan Stadium.

"I think that our football team is anxious to go on the road and have a strong test like we're going to have against a team that has their back against the wall," Roushar said. "We're going to get their very, very best. You take the 10 turnovers away and they're a 2-0 football team, there's no doubt about that."

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