Fonoti Knows Much Work Ahead

Saturday found Fou Fonoti on the field when it mattered most for Michigan State. After the game Spartan Digest spoke with Fonoti about his name being called.

Saturday was not the way Michigan State offensive lineman Fou Fonoti expected to get his chance to show his football abilities.

In fact, Fonoti felt bad for teammate Skyler Burkland who left the game with an injury.

However, Fonoti knows football is a game with many changes and he's looking to make the most of his chances if Burkland misses any upcoming games.

It was my first big game and it was all new to me," said Fonoti. "Being able to get my feet wet those first two weeks and this game, I'm starting to get and be able to stay calm and just be able to go out there and become myself. It's all football just like it was in high school and how it was at my JC. I'm feeling like I'm trying to progress and I've just got to take it day-by-day and continue to get better.

What has the first year Spartan been working most?

Just taking everything in mentally," said Fonoti. "At first it was just so overwhelming as I was so caught up by the crowd and everything. So now when I get in there I'll trust the guy next to me, I'll trust my brothers."

In only his third game as a Spartan, the junior college transfer feels the game is starting to slow down.

"It's starting to as I continue to get my feet wet a get adjusted to the tempo and everything," said Fonoti. "I'm just taking it day-by-day and week-by-week and gradually get better.

What are the main things he's been working on this season?

"I'm just trying to take it all in," he said. "I've got to keep my feet moving upon contact and things like that.

What did his teammates say to him when he had to replace an injured Burkland?

"They just said it's my time to shine," said Fonoti. "It's messed up for me to get my opportunity because someone got injured, Skyler is like my brother. I'm just trying to fill that void and continue to get better."

What was it like taking the field at Notre Dame.

"It was overwhelming," said Fonoti. "You could feel it, you could feel the hostility and everything. It's just like every other game except there were more people so you just have to slow it all down.

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