Tressel Fired Up After Win

Michigan State linebacker coach Mike Tressel spoke one-on-one with Spartan Digest following the teams win over Michigan on Saturday.

Following Michigan State's 28-14 victory over Michigan on Saturday, Spartans linebackers coach Mike Tressel was excited about how the defense and his linebacker performed. However, the coach was just as excited as his players about the latest victory over the rival Wolverines.

"I'm fired up," said an excited Tressel. "That feels as good as it gets right there."

With seven sacks on the day, Tressel feels what was once a weakness to the Spartans defense has finally turned the corner.

"Our guys are really attacking the quarterback," Tressel continued. "I don't think we felt like in previous years that was one of our strengths. Now, pressuring the quarterback is becoming a strength for us and that is huge."

Entering the season the Spartans for the most part were untested when it came to the play of their linebackers. On Saturday, Spartan linebackers posted 25 total tackles against the Wolverines. How does Tressel see his charges progressing?

"Well Chris (Norman) is getting better and he was a starter last year," said Tressel. "Man has he gotten better. He feels great out there as he now plays with no questions in his mind. That allows him to play fast.

"Denicos Allen is a football player. We knew as soon as he learned the system he would make plays.

"And Max (Bullough), you can look at the numbers and how many tackles he's making. But the biggest thing about Max is that he's got everybody on the same page every snap out there."

With their fourth consecutive victory over the Wolverines, does Tressel feel college football fans are starting to believe in the work being done in East Lansing?

"As a coach I'm just staring to think about how we're going to get number five next year," said Tressel. "I hope people are starting to believe. I don't know what else you have to do, but I'm already thinking about what we've got to do to keep this streak going."

As for what he feels the Spartans defense must do to continue their improvement, Tressel knows work is still needed.

"You watch the film to try and figure that out," Tressel said. "But thinking back, shoot penalties hurt us. We have to play more discipline and if we do that, it would be a more dominate performance I think. That way we don't have to bite our nails at the end. But our guys wanted to get after Robinson and they got a little over aggressive at times, but they'll be able to rein it in."

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