Warner Knows Where Credit Should Go

Michigan State quarterback coach Dave Warner knows there are some special people who deserve the credit for the Spartans success over Michigan. He spoke one-on-one with Spartan Digest following the Spartans 28-14 win over Michigan.

Michigan State quarterbacks coach Dave Warner was as excited about Saturday's 28-14 victory over Michigan as anybody. However, while Warner watched senior quarterback Kirk Cousins earn his third starting victory over the rival Wolverines, he knows others also have played a key role in the program's success the past four seasons.

"Everything goes to the players," said Warner. "Those are the guys who got it done for four years in a row. When you look back four years ago when we sort of turned the tables a little bit, you've got to send out a lot of love to those guys that were the first ones.

"Even in 2007 when we came up a little bit short, those guys deserve a lot of credit as well for believing in what coach Dantonio was trying to do in getting this turned around. You can go all the way back to then and what coach Dantonio did after that game to sort of laid the ground work so to speak. And our players have done an outstanding job of sticking with it since then."

While some have been hard of Cousins this fall, Warner knows his quarterback does what all good quarterbacks do. Just win.

"He does win," said Warner. "That is what good quarterbacks are supposed to do. They are supposed to win. Maybe expectations for him coming into the season after leading us to a championship last year were unrealistic. He's been playing good, playing very good, and we're happy to have him on this team. We're really looking forward to see where he takes us the rest of this season."

Saturday's weather conditions proved Cousins could also perform under not so perfect circumstances.

"Today Kirk showed that he can consistently move the football in difficult conditions," said Warner. "He threw the ball very well I thought, made very good decisions and above all else, he can manage a game as well as anybody.

"He did that again today and he doesn't need to do anything special, he just needs to keep doing what he's doing and let everybody around him do their work as we know the next couple of weeks keep getting harder and harder."

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