Defense Learns From Win

Saturday may not have been the performance Michigan State's defense looked to turn in, however, when the whistle blew they knew Minnesota was going to give them their best shot. Despite their up and down performance, the Spartans defense came away with a win and learned more about this years defensive unit.

With nothing to lose, Minnesota came into Spartan Stadium looking to knock off another Big Ten power in Michigan State.

The Spartans defense knows they cannot take away the job the Golden Gophers did on Saturday.

"Minnesota just gave us their best shot," said defensive tackle Jerel Worthy. "You can't take away from their effort; they were playing inspired coming off the Iowa win. We just had to get it cleaned up. We had some big plays in the first half, especially the first touchdown."

Senior captain Trenton Robinson seconded Worthy's assessment.

"They didn't do anything different than what we saw on film," said Robinson. "They came out and they executed. The first touchdown was just awful on our defense. We missed about four tackles. Four guys missed one player. When you miss tackles, that's what happens, big plays and touchdowns."

Despite the sometimes spotty play, Worthy knows Robinson came up big on the day.

"He's a man that's always focused," Worthy said of the senior captain. "He's always ready to give one hundred and ten percent. He brings a lot of intensity to the secondary; and he brings a lot of intensity to the team, we kind of feed off of him. His first interception was very important; we were able to get momentum from that."

Robinson feels the game will be one the Spartans can learn and build upon the rest of the season.

"It's football and there's going to be adversity. We've just got to continue to push and get better from those mistakes," said Robinson. "Our whole team, we believe. We believe in each other and we believe that even if something does happen we can push forward. If we're down by 25 going into the fourth quarter, we believe in each other and we believe we can get it done. You won't see any sad faces on the sideline, we're going to continue to push forward and get better from this game. It wasn't a complete game, but we won."

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