Cousins Knows The End Is Near

Big Ten Conference changes have Michigan State sitting in the driver's seat heating into this week's contest against Iowa. Senior quarterback Kirk Cousins reflects upon hitting the road and the end of his Spartans career.

A year ago, the Spartans headed to Iowa City undefeated only to find a Hawkeyes team ready to roar to a 37-6 victory.

Because of the new Legends and Leaders divisional format, Michigan State head back to Iowa City for another huge battle against the Hawkeyes that could determine their fate when the season ends.

Senior captain and quarterback Kirk Cousins spoke about playing on the road and feels confident the Spartans have the experience to get the job done.

"I think the most important thing to draw upon is the fact that so many of the guys who won those games last year and made big plays in those past games are still here," said Cousins. "The Edwin Baker's, the Le'Veon Bell's, the Larry Caper's, the Keith Nichol's. The list goes on and on, I could list guys forever. We do have a lot of experience and the guys know how to win on the road, they've done it before in tough environments with a lot on the line. This week is no different. Certainly we will learn from the lack of success we've had on the road this year and just keep moving forward."

With last week's win over Minnesota, the Spartans took over first place in their quest to win the Legends Division. What's it like to be on top after five conference games?

"When you set out in August, you want to be atop the Legends Division in the end," said Cousins. "With three weeks to go, that's where we are. So we're right where we want to be. It's just a matter of finishing strong and getting these last few games in so we can be atop the Legends Division and go to Indianapolis come December."

For Cousins, the next three weeks will determine if he'll play four of five more games wearing the Green & White. What is it like to play with the emotion knowing his career is almost over?

"That's part of being a senior," said Cousins. "You're coming down to your last stretch and you want to make the most of it; you want to finish as strong as you ever have. Sometimes it gets brought out the wrong way, and sometimes it gets brought out the right way. Certainly I'm being coached to make sure I don't hurt my team with my emotion. It will be important going forward to just use my passion and channel it to turn into wins for our team."

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