McGowan Impressed By Spartans

For Benny McGowan it may have seemed like the longest time since his last visit to Michigan State. McGowan, who last visited Michigan State when gave his verbal pledge in the spring has been busy putting the final touches on his senior season. We spoke with the Spartan pledge about his only game day visit this season.

Following the end of his season, Benny McGowan of Centerville (Ohio) was able to make his first game day visit of the season when the Spartans played Indiana on senior day.

How did McGowan's day go?

"I thought it was pretty sweet," said McGowan.

One thing McGowan took away from the trip was watching the seniors play their last game in Spartan Stadium. What did he take away from the experience?

"It was pretty cool to see all of that," said McGowan. "It reminded me of my senior day here at Centerville and made me realize time goes quickly. So I'm going to make the most of it when I get up there and have the same passion for MSU as they did."

Prior to the game McGowan watched the Spartans offensive line prepare for battle. What did he see from his future o-line mates?

"They just look like they had a goal in mind," said McGowan. "In pregame they were focused and they just went out and did what they needed to do, what they've been coached to do. So I'm going to just work hard and hope to get the chance to start when I get up there."

When the day was over, McGowan came away with more of a thought of what his future will be like in the coming months. He also came away impressed with how the Spartans stay together leading up to the game.

"It's awesome up there and I love it," said McGowan. "I talked with the coaches a lot and they talked about what they do to get ready for a game. It was kind of cool to see the Kellogg Center and how they sleep there as a team and then go to their position meetings, have chapel there, and eat as a team."

When will McGowan take his official visit to MSU?

"I'm going to talk with them about that and think it will be sometime in December."

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