Spartans Deserve BCS

Despite their loss to Wisconsin in the Big Ten Football Championship Game, Mark Dantonio's team proved it belongs in talks when BCS bowl bids are handed out on Sunday. Why should the Spartans be given the chance to represent if the BCS looks to take two teams from the Big Ten?

Saturday night was the Big Ten Conferences first experiment with playing an extra game. Two teams from two new divisions looked to punch their ticket for Pasadena and the Rose Bowl. While the majority of those in the media predicted a Wisconsin blowout, Michigan State showed they belong in any talks of teams on the fringe of getting a BCS berth.

Saturday night on the turf of Lucas Oil Stadium people fought hard to earn a chance to play in the Rose Bowl. While Wisconsin won the game and will make the trip to sunny California, Michigan State may be left headed for Florida and a non-BCS game.

If the Badgers are the only team to represent the conference than no one will have an argument. However, if Michigan, a team the Spartans defeated 28-14 back in October are given a berth to a BCS match-up, than this new championship game, (one of the more exciting games seen in all of college football in 2011) should be considered a failure.

Mark Dantonio had this to say following the game.

"I can't make that decision," said Dantonio. " I do think the best two teams in the Big Ten played today. I do think that we're worthy to compete and play at a BCS level, but you've got to get the votes to do that. I can only say that I do believe we're a BCS-type football team. We're a 10-3 football team. You know, it could have gone the other way today. It will be an instant classic for sure. But at the same time you have to be able to look at things, deal with the problems that you have and keep moving forward."

While polls and votes have yet to be seen. Michigan State and Wisconsin provided a show that had fans of Big Ten teams watching, chatting and hoping they will one day get to see their team play in Indy.

What do you think about Michigan State's chances of getting a BCS bid?

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