Bullough Ready For Next Challenge

In only his second season in the Green & White, Max Bullough has earned the praise of coaches and teammates alike. The Outback Bowl will present another challenge for the Traverse City, Michigan native.

It only seems that Max Bullough has been wearing a Spartans uniform the past couple of seasons. In fact, Bullough earned his first start when the Spartans opened the season against Youngstown State and has never looked back.

Following in the footsteps of former All-American Greg Jones, Bullough has earned the praises of his coaches especially defensive coordinator Pat Narduzzi.

How does it feel knowing the coaches have total confidence in his abilities?

"I was happy (Pat Narduzzi) gave me that compliment, whether it's true or he's just saying it," said Bullough. "The fact that he's talking about it is a good thing. Being a good defense I think it takes a guy to be out there getting things lined up to know what's coming. By the time I get out of here I don't want to be known for just that, I want to be known for being a linebacker and that's talked about secondary."

While many questioned what the Spartan linebackers could accomplish in 2011, Bullough feels they exceeded expectations.

"I think we exceeded what people thought we thought we could accomplish as linebackers this year," said Bullough. "We had the confidence going in, we knew we had the talent, we knew we had the players. It was about getting the experience, giving us a chance to get the experience. We hadn't done it, we hadn't played in the game, and everyone said we can't do this we can't do that. Well let us play in the game and let us show you want we can do. I think we've proven that."

How important is the bowl game against Georgia?

"I think it always is when a Big Ten team is playing against an SEC team, a Big Ten team playing against a Pac-12 team, whoever it may be. Especially personally for MSU playing against any team, it's about wanting to establish MSU as an elite program and to do that you need to beat the best."

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