Isn't it just grand to be a Sooner?; The Big Least

The ES breaks down the preseason (or, post-spring) polls, averaging out the top picks made by four top national magazines (no fear, our picks are coming soon!). Plus, the Big East or the Big Least? ES takes his shot at the ACC's likely expansion.

Isn't it just grand to be a Sooner?

The Oklahoma Sooners are getting top billing early on in the nation's preseason polls.  The ES has taken a look at the four primary preseason (or, post-spring) polls as of June1, and found everything is OK in that state of tornados, oil, and dirt. The popular picks in the Top 10, yet again, include (yawn): Oklahoma, Ohio State, Miami, Texas, Kansas State, Virginia Tech and ... god awful Michigan.  How boring; no spice on our enchilada this year, eh pundits?  Is it going to be another one of those years where we'll hear Brent Musburger screaming the glory that is Oklahoma, Miami, Florida State, Penn State and Michigan? Another one of those years we hear Musburger dreading the role of the underdog.  We can only hope that the Spartans play the role of the spoiler against Musky's faves and make him eat the crap that he spews come November 1.

The ES looked at the top picks as of early June in four top national magazines, and averaged them out. Any time a pick was not in the top 25, the ES gave it a 26. (NOTE: The ES will come out with his own picks in August; and you can BET that the ES will find a way to sneak the Big Green Machine into the mix, now that we've got John L. spread and ready). Here's the results for the top 33 in the land, preseason-style.

#   Team,   Score
1   Oklahoma,   5.0
2   Ohio St,    10.0
3   Miami,  13.0
4   Auburn, 20.0
5   Kansas St,  21.0
6   Texas,  28.0
7   Michigan,   38.0
8   Va Tech,    39.0
8   Georgia,    39.0
10  Pittsburgh, 41.0
11  USC,    44.0
12  NC St,  46.0
13  Washington, 52.0
14  Maryland,   63.0
15  Fla St, 69.0
15  LSU,    69.0
17  Virginia,   72.0
18  Tennessee,  74.0
19  ND, 77.0
20  Purdue, 79.0
21  Arizona St, 82.0
22  Texas A&M,  83.0
23  Wisconsin,  88.0
24  Alabama,    90.0
25  Oregon St,  94.0
26  Ok St,  95.0
27  Florida,    98.0
27  Penn St,    98.0
27  Colorado St,    98.0
30  Colorado,   100.0
31  Mizzou, 102.0
31  TCU,    102.0
33  Arkansas,   103.0

The Big Least

Now, let's get to this whole ACC expansion business. The reality is that the Big East is a CRAPPY football conference.  They have one team full of convicts, drug abusers, and thieves that dominates (Miami), one team full of convict wanna-bes that is a pretender (Virginia Tech), and the rest of the conference is mediocre ('Cuse, Pitt, West Virginia, BC).  Half the conference couldn't beat Michigan Tech in Houghton on sunny day in September.  The Big East is a FANTASTIC basketball conference -- both men and women's roundball.  Connecticut, Georgetown, Syracuse, Notre Dame, Boston College, Providence, Pittsburgh, Seton Hall... they all are quality in the gym.  

Now, look at the ACC.  They've at least got potential in football as a conference, with Bowden State, NC State, Maryland, Virginia, Clemson and Georgia Tech all having their glory years in the top 10 at least once in the past decade.  Heck, even Wake Forest had a winning record last year.  Only two schools, UNC and Duke,  suck at football.  Yet, even Julius Peppers came from UNC, and he singlehandedly gave the Heels a decent few years on the gridiron.  Duke, well they belong in Big East football and also couldn't beat my Techies from Houghton.   Let's look at ACC Basketball -- that is also a FANTASTIC conference for both the grunts and the gals -- the Dukies, the Terps, the Tarheels, the Yellowjackets, the Deacons' they are all fantastic on the hardwood.  

Can't blame the Canes, the 'Cuse and BC for splitting. Expect it a done deal. There's nothing that the Big East can offer the three Cs -- the Convicts, the 'Cuse, and the 'other' Catholics -- from joining the ACC.  

Say good bye to the Big East and hello to the Big Least.

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