Cousins Ready for Final Curtain

If Kirk Cousins can lead Michigan State to a bowl win over Georgia in the Outback Bowl on Monday he'll give Spartan fans one of the greatest final curtains in many years.

Monday afternoon Michigan State will take the field for their 14-th game of the season. In doing so, many wonder if the Spartans will be worn down when the whistle blows in Tampa for the Outback Bowl.

"We'll be alright," said Cousins. "We've had a lot of rest since December 3. Fortunately our offensive line has done a great job protecting me. I haven't taken many hits. I'm feeling great, our team is feeling great. We're going to be well-rested for this one."

Cousins, like many of his teammates know the outcome against Georgia will give his fellow seniors their final curtain call and a chance for redemption.

"We're hungry for an opportunity to make amends for what happened on December 3," said Cousins. Especially as a senior class and speaking from my perspective as a senior, I want to finish the right way with a win. It's hard for me to imagine leaving as a senior with my last game after a loss. We're going to do all we can."

One thing many fans will see Monday is the fact the Spartans and Georgia are much alike on the offensive side of the ball. Something Cousins feels could help the Spartans defense.

"There's a lot of teams in the Big Ten with quarterbacks that do a lot of scrambling," said Cousins. "Georgia has a quarterback who is more of a pro-style type player which is a little bit different for our defense, but something they're used to seeing in practice with the offense that we run."

However, he also knows the Bulldogs have one of the best defenses in the country.

"They have a tremendous defense," said Cousins. "I would say their defense is as good if not better than any defense we'll play in the Big Ten. I think it shows with the amount of yards they've been able to sustain in terms of being the third best defense in the country with regards to yards allowed. They're a very, very talented defense and will be a great challenge for us."

Another area many have always talked about is the difference in style of play between the Big Ten and SEC. While many buy into the Big Ten being a power conference and the SEC a speed conference, Cousins feels are not much different between the two.

"I think it's too simplistic," said Cousins. "But I think both conferences are very good when you look at it. It's not just speed or power; it's just overall strength in the ability to play the game of football. The SEC is loaded with not just speed, but they're loaded with size and strength. I think the Big Ten is not just loaded with power; it's loaded with fast players. I think there are teams all over the conference to show that."

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