Conroy Comes Up Big In Victory

Make no mistake Michigan State kicker Dan Conroy knows the life of a kicker has its ups and down. All he had to do Monday was look across the field at his counterpart and see the lows while he was enjoying the highs.

Monday afternoon's Michigan State triple overtime Outback Bowl victory saw Spartan kicker Dan Conroy enjoying the highs that come with being part of the winning side. During his Spartans career, Conroy has seen the Spartans make several "special" plays to win games without it being placed on his shoulders.

That changed against Georgia as Conroy was called upon to keep the Spartans in play to earn Mark Dantonio's first Spartan bowl victory.

"A game like this just helps me moving forward," said Conroy. Every game changes and I don't necessarily focus on one game. After one game is over I move onto the next whether I do well or not. That helps me to continue going in the right direction and that's all I can do."

While Conroy was enjoying the victory, he couldn't help but think about Georgia kicker Blair Walsh whose missed field goal allowed the Spartans to win the game.

"I know it's a tough time right now so I'll be praying for him," said Conroy. That's a tough situation but I know that he'll do great things in the NFL. He had a decent season this year, although not at his best like he's want to be, but he'll be fine."

One player all Spartan fans need to hold high is holder Brad Sonntag who saved the Spartans a couple of different times.

"He did a phenomenal job, especially since we had a new snapper in Steve Moore" Conroy said about his first year holder. "Brad did a great job getting the ball up so I could hit it."

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