Worthy's Decision The Right One

Thursday was a bitter sweet day for many in Spartan Land as star defensive tackle Jerel Worthy made his official announcement he would forgo his senior season wearing the Green & White for the big money National Football League.

While diehard fans will be upset to see such a talent leave the Spartans sidelines they should be encouraged by the fact Mark Dantonio and staff recruited such a talent and developed him into one of the top underclassmen entering this year's draft. Dantonio fully understands Worthy's decision.

"When you have an opportunity to see someone go possibly in the first round, it would seem to me the general consensus is the top 50 players in the draft, most indicate the first round at some point, when you have an opportunity like that, it's very difficult to pass up because of the financial situation that you would be in at this point in time," explained Dantonio.

"So we wish him the best at Michigan State. We will miss him tremendously. We'll miss his smile around the building. We'll miss his work ethic. We'll miss his opportunities to lead as a senior. We'll miss his play on the field.

"In the end, we want to do what's best for the players. Sometimes it's just about timing. At this point in time in this young person's life, this was the time that he wanted to take the opportunity to move to his next challenge and close this chapter of his book and to open a new one. So we wish him nothing but success."

Worthy's four years in East Lansing has seen him grow on and off the field. This decision was not an easy one for the Huber Heights, Ohio native.

"It's difficult to come up here and kind of, you know, speak about playing in your last game for MSU," said Worthy. "A lot of the memories that I've shared since I've been here with the friends and families I've grown to know, it's difficult to come up here and speak on it.

"I know that I have an obligation as far as toward my family, as far as support, being there for them in these upcoming years. A lot of the things that made my decision a lot easier to make, one reason was a lot of people didn't know, but my father had a stroke before the 2010 season. I vowed to myself as well as my father that I would strive to do the best by him and my mother, strive to get these guys the proper health service that they need.

"My father is dealing with a lot of issues, and that's one thing that I want to try to do, you know, as far as helping him out and getting him back to being my father, the person that I've grown to know. As far as my process, you know, I haven't hired an agent yet. I'm going to take the next 48 hours to decide what I'm going to do. I'm just going to try to go about this the best way I know how, by taking things slow, the way that Coach D and this coaching staff has taught me to make choices over the last four years."

While Spartan fans will miss this warrior on the field in the Green & White, they also know Worthy made the best decision for the better of his family. Just the way Mark Dantonio and others have taught him.

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