Price Ready to make it Official

Josiah Price took his official visit this past weekend and is ready to get signing day here to official become part of the Spartan football family. Price recaps his visit with

For Josiah Price the past year has seen him go form unknown prospect to one holding offers from several Big Ten programs. After his summer one day camp performance the Spartans offered and a few days later Price gave his pledge.

"I'm just so grateful and thankful for the opportunity Coach (Mark) Dantonio and his staff has given me," said Price. "Twelve months ago when guys were getting those early offers I wondered if I would get one and I was getting nervous about all of it. But now I'm relaxed and God has been so good to me."

While most of the official visitors trekked to East Lansing on Friday night, Price had to wait an extra day to join his future teammates. Nevertheless he still found time to connect to his first best friend who will be heading to MSU with him in the summer.

"I had a basketball game on Saturday night so I wasn't able to get up there when all the other recruits got up there," explained Price. "I went right after my game and arrived up there just after midnight. I was able to talk with Evan Jones a lot and we hung out for about an hour or two before getting some sleep."

While Price was on a different schedule that his future teammates they still had a chance to connect on Sunday morning before they had to leave.

"I got to see all the other recruits as they were coming in for breakfast together," said Price. "So I got a chance to catch up and talk with all the guys for a little bit before going on the rest of my official Sunday and Monday."

Hosting Price for the weekend was freshman quarterback Connor Cook who impressed Price during their time together.

"Connor Cook was my host," he said. "He's a great guy and we did a lot of things together during my time there."

As to the things Price was able to experience during his trip they started with food and ended with food.

"The whole trip was about eating and eating some more," said Price. "Sunday we visited the press box as my little brother and parents had never been up there. We then grabbed some lunch before they gave us a few hours to rest.

"Dinner was spent with Coach (Dave) Warner and his family and Connor went with us too. Connor and I then hung out with some of the other players watching the playoff game on television.

"On Monday we met with Coach Dantonio and Coach Warner for breakfast because Coach D was getting ready to leave as he's got a crazy week as they look to finish up recruiting. So Coach Warner and one of the aids took us around touring the whole academic area and visiting the business school where I met with the professor."

Next Wednesday will find Price joining the hundreds of other football players signing their letters of intent in many different ceremonies across the country.

What plans are there for his high school?

"I think my school is going to do a nice little thing," Price said with excitement in his voice. "I'm really pumped about it and ready to make this official and become a member of the Spartan family."

After signing day Price will be counting down the days until he'll report. How will he prepare in the coming months?

"I'm in basketball right now and trying to keep my strength up lifting once or twice a week," said Price. "This spring and early summer is when I'll really start preparing to get up there and hopefully make an impact on the team."

As for the role the Spartans coaching staff sees Price filling when he gets there he's got a pretty good idea.

"They see me in a similar role as to how they used Brian Linthicum the past couple of seasons," explained Price.

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