Barksdale Ready for Challenge

After looking over his options Tres Barksdale has decided to become a member of the Michigan State football program. Barksdale spoke with Spartan Digest about the big news.

This past summer found Tres Barksdale of Solon (Ohio) High School working out for Michigan State coaches during their camp. While the 6-foot-2, 183-pound wide receiver did not receive a scholarship offer, he did impress the Spartan coaches to be on their list of players to consider for preferred walk-on spots in 2012.

Barksdale was excited to explain how things went down.

"It was really weird," explained Barksdale. "Coach (Pat) Narduzzi was in the school and I was totally shocked to see him. It's been four or five months since we last spoke. However, we talked and he told me what was up and said they wanted me as a preferred walk-on.

He then said to wait and see how everything played out and if in the end I still wanted to come they wanted me there."

With time still on the recruiting clock, Barksdale looked at other options before getting in-depth with MSU.

"Stuff transpired as I checked out other schools," said Barksdale. "It was then MSU called Coach (JIM) McQuaide and told him they wanted me to come on an official visit on the 28-th to see how it was. So I kept it on my schedule and that week I was talking with my parents and decided I was going to go to Georgetown for a visit. So I visited there and kind of had my mind made up I was going to go there."

Despite his positive thoughts about Georgetown, Barksdale would soon see just how much the Spartans wanted him in the Green & White.

"It was hectic and to be honest I was just stressed out about the whole process," said Barksdale. "Then MSU called to see if I was still coming up and then they called Coach McQuaide and told him they were coming to school on Friday to see me.

When they came it was Coach Narduzzi and Coach (Mark) Dantonio. We sat down and spoke for about an hour and after school they came to my house and spoke with my fad and me. We had a great conversation."

It was during their visit Barksdale made the choice to visit East Lansing.

"I went up for my visit and it was a great experience," Barksdale continued. "I honestly felt accepted by all the guys and that was great. The coaching staff is great and I had a great experience. In the end it came down to me and what I wanted most.

"Early in the season I had told Coach McQuaide how I wanted an opportunity to take my game to the highest level. That way when I look back ten years from now I'll know I put all my effort into it and did my best.

"I don't want to look back ten years from now and wished I would have tried it. That is how I made my decision."

Where will the Spartans expect Barksdale to contribute on the field?

"Receiver right now," he said. "If something else happens I'll accept whatever comes and make the most of it. I can't wait to see how this opportunity works out."

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