Vrabac a Work In Progress

While there are several offensive line prospects out of the state of Michigan with bigger profiles, none may have as big of upside as Haris Vrabac of Warren, Michigan. Vrabac has high interest in Michigan State and talked with Spartan Digest about his improvement and more.

Last weekend Haris Vrabac was a virtual unknown to the football recruiting world. However, after an impressive day at one of the first combines of the year, Vrabac is a player college football fans will be hearing more about.

Last summer Vrabac camped at Michigan State and knows his performance was not one to brag about.

"I camped at Michigan State last summer," said Vrabac. "But I didn't do too hot as I wasn't too strong. I've improved a lot this year."

One reason for the change in direction for Vrabac is his improved physical condition. Has the 6-foot-7, 305-pound offensive tackle prospect lost weight?

"Yes a lot," explained Vrabac. "I've only played football for two years. I didn't really play freshman football as I was more of a soccer guy. I was kind of skinny and didn't have much muscle and then my sophomore year I joined and played on the junior varsity then bumped up to varsity and did alright. Then I just started hitting the weight room hard and played this year on the varsity and made all conference."

Why is Vrabac sure he didn't perform well at Spartan camp last summer?

"I didn't think so because I was nervous and not in very good shape," said Vrabac. "I've gotten a lot faster and a lot stronger since then and plan on going there and camping again this summer."

After his performance last Sunday, Vrabac has seen others take interest.

"I'm going up to Wisconsin for their Junior Day (2/18/12) and Purdue has invited me to their Junior Day also. I'm also hearing a lot from Mississippi State."

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