Terry Looking For More Than Football

Following his Junior Day visit to Michigan State, Damion Terry earned a scholarship offer from the Spartans. Despite being from another state, Terry knows the offer is something special. Terry spoke with Spartan Digest about the offer and more.

The number crunching for the class of 2013 continues for Michigan State as they look to fill 12-14 scholarships. One position the Spartans are set to use one of those scholarships is quarterback.

Damion Terry of Erie (PA) Cathedral Prep came away from Junior Day this past weekend holding an offer from the Spartans and impressed with his time on campus.

"It is real special getting your first offer," said an excited Terry. "When I first got it I was in shock and felt this big weight come off my back. I'm very relived and happy knowing this was my first offer because I really like Michigan State a lot.

"During my visit I liked the overall atmosphere of the place and the coaching staff there is real cool. Michigan State has a great overall tradition and I feel the direction the program is headed is the right direction."

The Spartans may be the first offer for Terry; however, they are not the only program showing interest. "West Virginia, Florida, Ohio State, Iowa, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Rutgers, Georgia Tech, Mississippi State, Boston College, Toledo, Vanderbilt, are some of the programs to have made contact," Terry explained.

The 6-foot-4, 210-pound quarterback is no stranger to Spartans football having followed the Green & White the past several years.

"I know the past two years Michigan State posted back-to-back 11 wins seasons," said Terry. "I also know about Kirk Cousins and B.J. Cunningham as I followed them during their career.

"I've always known about Michigan State and some of their great players like Javon Ringer. Coach Dantonio is a real good coach and I've seen him on television a couple of times like when they played Notre Dame two years ago and beat them in overtime. So I've always followed Michigan State and liked them a lot."

With his excitement over the Spartans offer, is Terry ready to end the process with a pledge to the Spartans?

"I'm still real early in the process and don't know yet if I want to make a decision soon," said Terry. "But I like Michigan State a lot and they are at the top of the list and they improve every week when I talk with the coaches and do more research."

The contact between the Spartans and Terry started early and has left a lasting impression.

"I first met Coach (Mark) Staten during my sophomore year," Terry said. "Ever since then we've been in contact through Facebook and phone calls. I'm real close with him and we have a real good relationship.

"Going up there was the first time for me to meet the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach, Coach (Dave) Warner and I think we really hit it off too.

"I liked all the guys a lot and feel Michigan State has real good coaches and people all around. They really left a good first impression."

Terry knows some may be pushing for him to not travel too far from home or have their own agenda in his decision. However, he knows there is more to the decision than just being on the field.

"My mom wants me to stay close to home," Terry said. "But I'm not really focused on that as I'm looking at the overall program, academics and all the coaching staff. Wherever I feel myself best at is where I'll make my decision to be.

"In the end whatever I feel is best for my future during the next forty years and not just the next four is going to win out. I'm going to listen to what my family thinks I should do and make sure this is my choice and not the choice of friends or what other people want me to go.

"I want to have a good relationship with the overall place I go and feel 100% I want to stay there the next couple of years and know it is going to make me not just a better football player, but a better person all around."

On the field Terry knows there are still things to work on to become a better player.

"Right now I feel my strengths are my arm strength and the fact I can also run," said Terry. "However, I feel all quarterbacks they can work on being more accurate and I'm no different. Whatever Coach Warner wants to teach me I'll be willing to learn because I know it will make me a better person and player."

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