Five-Star Excited About Michigan State

The success of Jerel Worthy and the Michigan State Spartans the past few years has open the eyes of one five-star defensive tackle. We have the latest on the interest being shown by California native Eddie Vanderdoes.

Many have wondered when the success of the past two seasons would roll over into Michigan State's recruiting success.

So after back-to-back 11 win seasons, it should be no surprise one of the top defensive tackles in the country for the class of 2013, Eddie Vanderdoes, holds an offer from the Spartans.

"They offered me last week," said Vanderdoes about Michigan State. "I have a lot of interest in Michigan State. I spoke with their defensive line coach (Ted Gill) and also to coach (Brad) Salem.

"They were very honest and said they don't just offer a lot of people as they like to offer certain kids (good kids) who want to come to Michigan State and actually want to be Spartans."

Following his conversation with the Spartans, Vanderdoes came away saying many of the things those who already play in the program talk about.

"They want that family feeling," explained Vanderdoes. "They feel that is part of their big success as everyone is playing as a team together and there being no individuals. So I really like Michigan State."

Has the Auburn (CA) Placer High product thought about making a visit to East Lansing?

"I've not thought about it too much yet," said Vanderdoes. "Probably this summer will be the time I make it out that way, but I'm still thinking about talking with my family as flights are not too cheap these days."

The Spartans staff wasted little time in making sure they expressed how they feel Vanderdoes fits in their defensive scheme.

"Coach Gill said he really loves how I play the game and he feel's I'm a perfect fit for their defense," said Vanderdoes. "He also said he didn't want to offer me yet as he wanted me to talk with coach (Mark) Dantonio. So he told me to call him again so we could speak. However, I couldn't connect with him so he just gave me coach Dantonio's number so I could call him."

What did the Spartans head coach have to say?

"He told me how much he liked how I played football and how much he liked me as a kid also," said Vanderdoes. "He's a really cool guy and I like him as he was very up front and honest with me.

"He's a really laid back guy and said he doesn't want guys coming into the program who are going to start issues and not be team players. He flat told me, if you come here we expect hard work out of you and we expect you to be a good kid and a team player. I found that to be really cool."

How has the 6-fot-4, 285-pounder given much thought about leaving home?

"It's really cool as a couple of months ago I couldn't say I had half of these offers," Vanderdoes said. "I'm definitely open to leaving the West Coast and I like all the programs out of the Midwest as they seem to have a lot of love for the linemen. So I'll definitely keep my eyes open out there too."

Vanderdoes was quick to stress how honored he was to have earned an offer from the Spartans.

"It's an honor if they are sending guys to the first round of the draft," he said. "That says a lot about the defensive line coach and the entire defensive staff and means they are doing something right. I have to do what is best for me future wise and not just go to a program because they are a nice fit or have a nice staff."

With his offer list growing, Vanderdoes says it will be awhile before he makes any cuts.

"I've been getting a lot of new offers so I'm not looking to make my Top Ten yet," stressed Vanderdoes. "Maybe in three months I'll look to narrow things down. But it's kind of hard to narrow things down with the offers I've been getting lately.

"So I don't want to narrow things down and have another school offer and throw a monkey wrench into it and they have to reevaluate everything again.

"I don't have a Top Ten yet and feel I'll start narrowing things down this summer when recruiting starts dying off and settling down so I can really look deep at each of these programs and make my Top Ten."

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