Benenoch Talks Decision

There is no mistaking the level of football played in the state of Texas. Michigan State has used their success on the field to work on several Lone Star prospects and one just fell in love with the Green & White giving the Spartans his pledge.

With his offer list growing, Katy (TX) Seven Lakes offensive lineman Caleb Benenoch had several options in front of him. However, it was his early interest in leaving his home state that made Michigan State one of his early favorites.

On Tuesday, Benenoch gave Spartans head coach Mark Dantonio his verbal pledge with a couple of conditions.

"Yes, I'm committed to Michigan State," said a confident Benenoch about his decision. "I've not visited Michigan State yet as I was actually trying to go up there this week because I'm on spring break."

While the Spartans were expecting the 6-foot-6, 320-pound offensive lineman, things didn't work out for the visit.

"My dad had some medical issues he had to take care of so we couldn't make the visit," explained Benenoch. "He wasn't sure when he would be able to go up there again so he gave me the ok to make my commitment." In talking with coach Dantonio, the Spartans head coach stressed the importance of making a visit to campus.

"I talked with him (Dantonio) today," he said. "He said he was excited but he also said he still wants me to come up for a visit so I'm absolutely positive Michigan State is where I want to be.

"So it won't be official until I make my visit up there and talk with him and his staff in person. So right now we're kind of touch and go with this as coach Dantonio said you can't marry a girl without seeing her first. So he wants me to come and see it but my mind is made up."

Why was Benenoch so sure about his early decision?

"I checked them out academically first and Baylor is a really good school," Benenoch explained. "So I tried to match the schools I was looking at and Michigan State ranked high. I also love Big Ten football and how Michigan State runs the football and win games.

"I've talked with Coach Dantonio at least three times now and he's real laid back and has been real honest with me. I've also talked with coach Staten and he's been real honest about a lot of stuff. I just like everything I've heard about Michigan State from talking with the coaches there and talking with my high school coaches who also love the school."

As for where the Spartans are projecting Benenoch to play, that is still up in the air.

"They've told me they'll figure it out when I get there," he said. "I prefer to play inside but I'm open to either one. Whatever I can do to help the team win I'm willing to do."

Another factor in Benenoch's decision was the great Michigan weather and the Spartans offensive scheme.

"I'm a bigger guy and it's real hot here in Texas," Benenoch explained. "So I was looking to get away from the heat to some cool weather. I've also played in a spread offense and I really thought about West Virginia long and hard. But I don't want to play in the spread anymore because I like to ground and pound the ball."

Did the success shown by the Spartans the past few years help their cause?

"It was a big part of my decision because I want to win," he said. "The school I'm at right now is a new school and my class has been the class that has kind of built the program into a winning program. We just had our first winning year this past season, so winning is a big thing for me and Michigan State's success the past few years was a big factor in my decision."

What areas do Benenoch feels he's strong as a player and where does he need to do some extra work?

"My strength is my run blocking," Benenoch said. "I do feel I need to work on my pass-pro. I've made great strides in this area from my sophomore to junior year. I also feel I need to drop about 20-pounds to get under 300-pounds so they can build me up and be able to move me inside or outside."

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