Roback Learning Patience

For Ohio quarterback Rogan Roback the interest in Michigan State has forced him to take a lesson in patience. spoke with Roback about his interest in the Spartans.

Benjamin Franklin had the following to say about a person having patience.

"He that can have patience can have what he will," said Franklin.

Toledo (Ohio) St. Johns Jesuit quarterback Brogan Roback is following one of the Founding Fathers of the United States advice when it comes to his recruitment from Michigan State as he awaits word on an offer from the Big Ten program.

"They have said they like me a lot," said Roback about Michigan State. "I feel I have a great relationship with Coach (Mark) Dantonio and Coach (Mike) Tressel. Both of them have a great relationship with my quarterback coach whose dad was quarterback coach at Ohio State. So they all have a really good relationship together as well as I do."

What have Spartan coaches said that holds Roback's interest in the Green & White?

"They told me to be patient as they like me a lot," explained Roback. "They are going after national guys right now, so when they start getting closer to it, I think it's only a matter of time."

Another factor in Roback's interest in the Spartans is the fact they recruited Ohio quarterbacks in the past two classes.

"I think them taking two quarterbacks from Ohio does say a lot about Ohio football," said Roback. "It does steer you in their direction as it shows they are attracted to Ohio quarterbacks and the style they play. So I think it's definitely a good thing to be looking at."

Having camped twice in East Lansing last summer, Roback already knows where an offer from the Spartans would stand with him.

"They would definitely be up at the top," he said. "They are a big time school and it is the Big Ten, one of the best conferences in my opinion. Look at the way they have been playing in all sports as they are in the top of almost every single sport. In football and basketball they have played for the Big Ten Championship this year. They are successful and their coaches want to win. I also like how they coach, so that puts them on the top."

Another reason for Roback's continued interest is the play of former Spartan great Kirk Cousins.

"Kirk is a great quarterback and I've seen him numerous times," said Roback. "What he did there, especially from a leadership standpoint would be hard to live up to. But I definitely feel from a style of play we have a lot in common. He's a pro-style quarterback and I'm more a pro-style quarterback. I imagine him and I have about the same speed so I definitely feel he would be a good comparison in the type of quarterback I am and how we play."

With his desire to allow the process to work itself out with the Spartans some may be surprised Roback grew up a huge fan of rival Michigan. However, he's quickly learned to put his fan status on the back burner.

"I grew up a Michigan fan," Roback explained. "I've attended every Michigan home game since I was about four years old as my parents have season tickets.

"Once this recruiting process started I really learned to step away and try and be mature about it by not having a favorite team anymore. I know my parents and everybody else will be happy wherever I attend and if I'm getting a free education they will proudly put on those schools colors."

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