Ohio Tight End Holds Interest In Spartans

With five offers already beside his name, Keith Towbridge is impressed with Michigan State and hopes to hear more from the Spartans. SpartanDigest.com caught up with the tight end following his work at Saturday's Nike Football SPARQ Combine in Massillon, Ohio.

At 6-foot-5, 245-pounds Keith Towbridge is caught in a catch 22.

Is he a tight end or does his future hold a possible position switch to offensive line?

Those questions will not be answered for some time. However, the Toledo (OH) Central Catholic standout is hoping to have a busy summer.

"This summer I'm planning on camping at as many schools as my mother's schedule will allow," said Towbridge. "Michigan State is a school I have a lot of interest in as their coaching staff is great and I love the way they treat their players."

While many are learning about the off field relationships shared by those who are part of the Spartans football family. Towbridge is also impressed with how the Spartans go about their business on the field.

"Their players play hard and until the whistle blows," he said. "They go hard and don't stop until the clock hits 000."

Towbridge watched firsthand the Spartans no quit attitude when he visited this past season.

"I was up there for the Wisconsin game," explained Towbridge. "That is the game where they had the last catch to win the game. I was right there by the catch and it was a very cool experience."

While Towbridge is first to admit his contact with the Spartans has lacked in recent weeks, he's hopeful to get things back on track.

"I feel I have a good relationship with them," he said about MSU. "I've not talked with them for a while as I've been busy, but I'll be reaching out to make contact with them very soon."

As for his future college position, Towbridge knows in his heart what he hopes to be able to do.

"My preference is I don't want to play tackle," explained Towbridge. "However, I'll do whatever my coaches ask me to do because I love to play football. That is my sport. I feel tight end is my natural position and I love to catch balls and block for my running backs and my team."

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