Gressel Unsure of Michigan State Interest

Over the years Centerville (OH) High School has produced several standout prospects who have headed to Big Ten programs. Michigan State signed Benny McGowan in the 2012 and is just learning about defensive tackle Brant Gressel. checks in with Gressel about his interest in MSU.

With Michigan State having great success in Southwest, Ohio the past few years with players like Greg Jones and Jerel Worthy it should be no surprise the Spartans have continued cultivating the region looking for other standouts.

One prospect who has heard a lot about the Spartans is Brant Gressel of Centerville (OH) High School.

At 6-foot-2, 278-pounds, Gressel knows numbers may not line up for him as they did for teammate Benny McGowan. However, McGowan has brought Gressel up to the Spartan coaches.

"Benny's talked to me a little bit about Michigan State and they told him they really like me," said Gressel. "But I need to go to their camp and see some things up there. They want to see me in person I think and while I've not talked with any of the coaches personally, I know Benny has talked with them about me."

While things may have started slowly for Gressel word quickly spread as his film started hitting the desk of college coaches.

"In the last two or three weeks I've picked up five to six offers," said Gressel. "Program like Iowa, Indiana and Minnesota has offered from the Big Ten and I also have West Virginia.

What is Gressel looking for in the program he'll ultimately choose? "I'm looking for good academics," stressed Gressel. "You're going to school to go to school and football is just kind of a part of it. Good academics and a mix of a college town and big city maybe 10-15 minutes away."

Gressel knows he's got to do more in hopes of opening the eyes of coaches in the coming months.

"I try to make as many plays as I can and not take any plays off," said Gressel. "I know size is a factor for some schools and for some schools it's not. It seems as if the bigger school look for the 6-foot-4 to 6-foot-5 guys and with me being 6-foot-2, I know I have to do something to stick out so they can answer the questions as to why they are going to take this kid instead of one who is two inches taller."

Depending upon what Gressel hears from the Spartans could determine if he'll visit and camp this summer. Spartan Digest will continue to follow Gressel in the coming months.

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