Jones Reflects On Spartan Visit

Friday morning found Cincinnati (OH) Moeller linebacker back at work preparing for his senior season following a Thursday visit to Michigan State. How did his visit to East Lansing go? has the latest.

Thursday morning found Cincinnati (OH) Moeller linebacker Shane Jones making the drive to East Lansing for a very important visit with Michigan State, one of 21 college programs that have offered the 6-foot-1, 215-pound linebacker.

How was the visit with Mark Dantonio and company?

"It was great," said Jones. "I'm pretty tired as I had to get up for football this morning, but I really enjoyed myself as I got a chance to see them practice and that was something I wanted to see them do."

While some might be overwhelmed from the pressures of holding so many scholarship offers, Jones is enjoying his dream come true.

"I always wanted the feeling of being a highly recruited guy and it's a great feeling," said Jones.

Having heard much about the Spartans program, Jones wanted to see firsthand the Spartans in action. In doing so he came away very impressed.

"You can already see they are going to be a physical group," said Jones. "We have a guy (Marcus Rush) up there now from Moeller so I wanted to actually see him in person and not on television. So that was a good thing for me.

"I remember watching Marcus when I was a freshman and he was tearing it up as a senior his last year, so it was good to see him again."

Another thing Jones is taking into consideration is the number of guys on the Spartans that hail from Southwest Ohio and Ohio in general.

"I think it's a good thing because if I were to go there I would know I have guys who know me and I would fit in and be fine.

"Also it's better for us because as a freshman you'll have a ride back to home. Plus there will be guys from all over Ohio so you can talk it up with and feel at home being around those guys."

Many felt Jones was ready to issue his pledge to the Spartans on his visit. However, Jones said that was not true.

"There was no commitment yesterday," explained Jones. "I'm still not sure yet and we're still evaluating so we don't know yet when I'll make a decision as I would like to sit back and think about it this weekend and then go from there."

During his visit, Jones was also given the chance to learn more about the Spartans defense giving him a better sense of what he should expect if he's to wear the Green & White.

"The coaches see me being able to play all three linebacker positions," said Jones. "It was a great time as I got to sit in on a defensive meeting and then sat in with the linebackers. So it was a lot they were throwing at me with new words and terminology so it was a great learning experience for me also."

While impressed with the Spartans as a football program, Jones and his family also took the time to learn more about the happenings outside of the football program.

"I also wanted to take in the academic side of Michigan State," said Jones. "I let my mom handle most of that stuff, but basically I wanted to see how I would fit in around campus and how campus life would be."

While Jones returned home without giving his pledge that could soon change after this weekend.

"It could happen," said Jones about giving MSU his pledge. "I'm not too sure, but there is a possibility I might."

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