Terry Delivered Under Pressure

Monday afternoon found quarterback Damion Terry throwing for his college future. While holding an offer from Michigan State, Terry knew things could change if the Spartans didn't like what they saw. In the end he delivered under pressure.

With the watchful eyes of Michigan State quarterback coach Dave Warner focused on every move he made, Erie (PA) Cathedral Prep quarterback Damion Terry understood what was at stake if he struggled throwing the football.

"It was a lot of pressure going into the day and I was a little bit nervous," Terry told Spartan Digest about throwing for his future. "I knew I had to do the things I've been doing the past couple of years and act like there was no pressure on me."

While just knowing every step, release and completion was being watched, Terry also faced a battle against Mother Nature as strong winds looked to curtail his performance.

"The winds were very high," Terry explained. "But I managed to handle that and Coach Warner was very impressed with how I handled it and how I threw and stuff. He then told Coach (Mark) Dantonio that I had a real good arm and that my accuracy and footwork was good."

Following his workout Terry was told by his coach to give the Spartans head coach a call. It was during this call Terry offered his commitment learning it would be accepted.

"Michigan State was always my favorite school," said Terry. So when I called him I told him I wanted to be a Spartan. He was real excited and real fired up about it. He then told me he wanted me to come back ASAP so I told him I would come back on the 28-th for the spring game."

Following his pledge, Terry felt a humongous weight lifted off his shoulders.

"The removes a real big weight off my shoulders," said Terry. "Being a quarterback now a day is really hard. Every coach and team wants to see you throw and stuff. Now I don't have to schedule those things anymore and can just concentrate on doing the things Coach Warner and Dantonio want me to do to become a better quarterback."

Besides feeling the pride of earning his Spartans scholarship, Terry is also proud to be representing his home area.

"It's a real honor knowing that I'm from the Erie area and we've not had a D-1 quarterback in sometime," said Terry. "Don't get me wrong, we've always had real good talent but it was more like the athlete type. So this means a lot to me as I know the Michigan State program is headed in the right direction and you can't get better football than Michigan State. I truly feel it was the right place for me."

While Terry had planned for other visits, he stresses his traveling days are over.

"I was to be going up to Ohio State this Saturday," said Terry. "However, I've now canceled that visit and won't be making anymore trips."

One trip Terry will be making will be when he returns to East Lansing for the spring game.

"I'll be going up for the spring game with my family as they've not visited the place yet," said Terry. I've told them everything about it up there, but they want to see what it's like. They are real, real excited about it all."

Spartan Digest will catch up with Terry after he returns from his spring game visit.

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