Williams Updates Interest In MSU

Has the verbal commitment of teammate and friend Damion Terry pushed Delton Williams closer to being a Spartan? Williams answers this question and more as he gives the latest on his recruitment.

Monday was a big day for Erie (PA) Cathedral Prep standout Delton Williams as he looked to help his good friend and teammate Damion Terry show off his skills in front of Michigan State quarterback coach Dave Warner.

Did Williams feel any pressure being Terry's main target?

"No pressure," stressed Williams. "I was Damion's receiver when coach (Dave) Warner came to see him throw. "I told Damion I'm going to try my best to make you look good and you try your best to make me look good as we're in this together.

"So there was no nervousness as we looked at it as if we were just practicing and going hard on every play doing what we do and then get out of there. That is what we did."

While some might feel Terry's decision to pledge to the Spartans could play a role, Williams wants it know he visited MSU before his good friend.

"I've been to Michigan State four times," said Williams. "I was up there before Damion as my first football game was when Michigan State beat Wisconsin with the jump ball at the end of the game."

Recruited by the Spartans as a Safety, Williams and Terry have already talked about being college teammates.

"Damion and I have been thinking about this even before he committed to Michigan State," said Williams. "We talked about being roommates as he's like a brother to me. I know I could feel comfortable with him so it's possible. Right now there is like an 80% chance of it happening."

While some may be ready to pencil Williams down as a Spartan pledge, he's not sure it will happen this weekend.

"I told Damion if I commit to Michigan State it would be before my senior year," said Williams. "That way we can have some fun with some Spartan gear and show everybody how much we really love Michigan State and how we're going to help take them to a National Championship."

For the Spartans to earn a commitment from Williams will be a major task as several programs have added their name to his offer list.

"I've not been offered by Michigan State and have 13 offers overall," said Williams. "I've got offers from Pittsburgh, Toledo, Duke, Nebraska, Michigan State, West Virginia, Boston College, Penn State, Kent State, Illinois, Rutgers and a couple of others."

While Williams enjoyed his game day visit and Junior Day visit with the Spartans, it was his most recent return that really turned his head and got him thinking.

"I like the coaches and attending the spring practice allowed me the chance to get to know the coaches even more," said Williams. "When we went up on the Junior Day they had a lot of kids there and we didn't get a chance to spend a lot of time with them.

"On the last visit they spent a lot of time with us and we talked with the head coach and spent a lot of time our recruiting coach Mark Staten. He showed us how much he cared and how much the coaching staff cares. They also showed us how they handle things and I liked it."

As for the relationship he's building with Coach Staten, Williams feels that is the key to him becoming a Spartan.

"My recruiting coach is the one that stands out the most," he said. "He's going to be there for me when I need somebody. He's been there since day one since when this recruiting started but I just feel comfortable with all the coaches up there."

Spartan Digest will check back with Delton following his visit for the Spartans spring game.

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