Gholston - Thomas Fine After Crash

Star defensive end William Gholston and freshman linebacker Lawrence Thomas walk away with minor injuries following rollover crash.

Michigan State football players William Gholston and Lawrence Thomas suffered minor injuries Wednesday after being involved in a rollover crash according to a Michigan State release from MSU Associated AD John Lewandowski.

"William Gholston and Lawrence Thomas were shaken after being involved in a rollover accident Wednesday afternoon," said Lewandowski. "The police responded within minutes of the accident, and thankfully, no one was seriously injured. Fortunately, both of them were wearing their seat belts and that made a difference in ensuring their safety."

Other press reports have the accident happening around 3:40 p.m., Wednesday on I-96 in Brighton Township.

Gholston and Thomas, both natives of Detroit were headed home for a break according to a Facebook post made by Thomas.

"God is awesome," Thomas posted. "Me and @WillGholston was on the road on our way back home for a little break from school and got into a serious car crash. These 2 car were swerving out of control but one of the cars swerved in front of us in the middle lane. As soon as we hit the car, will flipped in the air 3-4 times and landed in a ditch on the side of the road. Many people telling us we are so glad we walked away from that with any broken bones. We just have a few cuts, bruises, and soreness. But like I said, God is Good!!!"

Gholston went to twitter following the crash with the following tweet.

"Man you learn to appreciate life everyday I know I do smh."

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