Indispensable Spartan #9

We opened with two names that made our Indispensable Spartans Top Ten list. Now we look at each player and their importance to the program for the 2012 season. Who is the No. 9 indispensable member of the Spartans 2012 team?

Dion Sims

Last season Michigan State got solid production from the tight end position using three players. Overall the Spartans got 46 catches for 480 yards and 4 touchdowns from the trio.

Now Dion Sims is the lone returner with solid reps behind him. However, Sims has fought off field issues and finished last season with a broken hand that was still protective during the spring game

The talent is there and the Spartans will have to look for Sims to carry the position until others can prove they've got the skills to be counted on.

For this reason we feel Sims earns our No. 9 spot on the indispensable list for 2012 as there are just too many questions at a position the Spartans favor to use.

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