Jeppesen To Try Something New

As he counts down the final days of his junior year of high school, Portage, Michigan offensive lineman Nate Jeppesen knows his path to Michigan State could be paved by trying something new.

While excited about his junior year coming to a close, Nate Jeppesen knows his future will be decided in the coming weeks as he travels to several camps to show coaches he's got the skills to play in their offense.

Michigan State is a camp the Portage, Michigan native plans to attend but not to show the Spartans the growth of his game as an offensive lineman.

"It sounds like I'm going to their one day camp as a defensive lineman," said Jeppesen. "Coach (Mark) Staten came and talked with me about it so I'm going to camp and give it a try."

While Jeppesen is unsure as to why the Spartans want to look at him at a different position, he's willing to give it his best.

"I don't know 100% why they want to look at me as a defensive lineman," said Jeppesen. "But I guess they don't really need any more offensive linemen. So they want to check me out and we're going to try defensive line and see what happens."

How does the 6-foot-4, 265-pound lineman feel about a position change?

"I really hadn't played defensive line until this year when I played defensive end," said Jeppesen. "Our defensive ends play up and I started there so I'm pretty comfortable there.

"I think because we play the veer offense were we're always doing run blocking and always pushing people out of the way will help me.

"While I'm comfortable there, I'm also not comfortable because I've not really been practicing for the d-line. I've been working on o-line the whole time and practicing pass-pro. So it will be different and I've got about a three week period to actually learn it and get it down by camp. So we'll see what happens, keep practicing and I'll just try my best."

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