Madaris Ready To Start The Car

With his final classes finished at Cincinnati (OH) Moeller High School, Monty Madaris is about to accept his keys to a bright future with the Green & White. caught up with the standout receiver as he gets ready to report.

After keeping Michigan State fans and coaches guessing what was going to happen on signing day, Monty Madaris has put that crazy day in February behind him and is excited to get his college career started.

"I'm doing pretty good," said Madaris. "Life is pretty good as I'm not getting a lot of media attention, which I like. So I don't have a lot of people calling me every day. Instead I've been talking with my coaches all the time."

Since putting signing day behind him, Madaris knows he's happy with his decision to be a Spartan. "The recruiting process, it sort of was hard," said Madaris. "Having all the media attention and everything was not a bad problem as I never said something I shouldn't have said. I just didn't talk with everyone like they wanted me to do.

"I'm very happy with my decision, very happy. I'm ready to get up to East Lansing and get started. I think if I would have committed to another schools, I would have always wondered if I made the right decision."

With just over a month left before he reports, Madaris feels he's grown on and off the field the past year.

"I've learned a lot just from taking my experiences from high school," said Madaris. "I feel I'm becoming a better receiver and know more now than I did during last season."

As the days get closer is the standout receiver starting to feel nervous about leaving home?

"I can say I'm nervous," said Madaris. "But as a player I just need to learn the playbook more and I feel the sky is the limit for me.

"I've talk with Coach (Mark) Dantonio, coach (Terrence) Samuel and coach (Harlon) Barnett all the time," said Madaris. "I've also talked with all the recruits and feel our relationships are going to be strong as they are all good guys.

"I know it's going to be real strange, but I can't say too much because I've not done it yet. So I guess I'll see when it happens."

One thing Spartans wide receivers coach Terrence Samuel stressed to Madaris was the open competition for early playing time when camp opens.

"They expect me to come in and play," said Madaris. "With all three starting receivers graduating, it's in my hands. Coach Samuels said here's the car, now I've got to get the key to start it."

With several current members of the Spartans coming from Southwest Ohio, Madaris has been able to connect with a few of his future teammates.

"Marcus Rush had a get together recently with a bunch of the Michigan State guys from the area and their parents," said Madaris. "It was pretty cool meeting all those guys and talking about next year. Them being through all of it already allowed them to let me know a bunch of staff. So that was pretty solid."

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