Chmura Finds A Home

After attending camps at Michigan State and Wisconsin, tight end Dylan Chmura had seen enough and put an end to his recruitment. Chmura talks about why his future will be in East Lansing as a Spartan instead of his native state of Wisconsin.

With a limited number of scholarships on the table for the 2013 recruiting class, Mark Dantonio has made it a point to be picky in the players he's selected to receive scholarship offers.

Dylan Chmura earned his Michigan State offer in camp this past week and on Sunday made the call to become the newest member of the Spartans 2013 class.

"I committed to Michigan State," said Chmura. "I called head coach Mark Dantonio and had a great conversation with him and he's very excited I'll be joining the Spartan family."

Chmura, a 6-foot-5, 225-pound tight end out of Waukesha (WI) West held offers from Central and Western Michigan prior to his Spartans camp performance and was looking to earn an offer from Wisconsin this weekend.

However, once he arrived at Spartans camp last weekend he knew the Badgers would have to do a lot to better his Spartans experience.

"When I was Michigan State camp I was feeling really good and thinking how Wisconsin was really going to have to wow me next week," said Chmura. "But really, once I got to Wisconsin camp and started doing things I realized it didn't feel like the place I was supposed to be."

Playing a key role in Chmura's recruitment was running back coach Brad Salem.

"Brad Salem is a really nice guy and was completely honest with me about what was going on and how they saw me," said Chmura. "He's just a guy I can trust and I do trust him. It will be nice to get to known him more over the next couple of years and I'm excited."

With a father (Mark Chmura) who enjoyed an All-Pro career with the Green Bay Packers, Chmura leaned on his father for guidance during the process.

"My dad really helped me out a lot," said Chmura. "He can tell when people were lying to me or telling the truth. So he helped me figure out what places where shooting straight with me and which ones weren't."

Another advantage Chmura felt helped the Spartans is the way the staff goes about the recruiting process.

"How the recruiting me was a big advantage," said Chmura. "Coach Dantonio told me they didn't take a tight end last year and were only taking one this year. So I wanted to be that guy and so I called him up and told him I want to be a Spartan.

"They showed they are willing to work with kids instead of just coming out and saying you have a scholarship or you have a scholarship. Coach Dantonio wants to see what type of person you are inside. That is what he told me the biggest thing was. Other than the football aspect, it was the way I carried myself and my personality as I fit the program and university so well."

While most fans felt Wisconsin would be a hard team to beat, Chmura begs to differ as his ties to the state are not as strong as some thought.

"It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be to leave Wisconsin," said Chmura. "My entire family and my bloodlines are from the east coast and Massachusetts. So I really had no ties to the state at all.

"I've been telling all the colleges just because I live in Wisconsin doesn't really mean I'm going to turn down other places just to go to Wisconsin. I think I proved that today as Wisconsin just wasn't the right fit for me and I felt Michigan State is, so I committed there."

What points on and off the field sold Chmura his future should be in the Green & White?

"I loved the campus and that was a big thing that set it apart from other schools," said Chmura. "The campus is separated from the city itself and that is what swung me right away.

"The other things was definitely the coaches. They are very personable and try to make an effort to get to know you before they do anything else. They try to be your friend instead of trying to lead you on and you get there and go oh crap."

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