Kilgore Issues Pledge

After breaking down his four finalists, Cincinnati (OH) St. Xavier wide receiver Trey Kilgore made the call ending his recruitment. Kilgore talks about his choice with

Having named Boston College, Kentucky, Iowa and Michigan State as schools under consideration, Cincinnati (OH) St. Xavier wide receiver Trey Kilgore ended all talk and made the call giving one happy coach his verbal pledge.

"It is a big day," said Kilgore. "I've committed to Michigan State today."

Kilgore, who told following his camp visit last week his visit was great, used his time since his visit to break things down to two schools.

"It came down to Iowa and Michigan State as my final two schools," said Kilgore. "When I visited Michigan State last Wednesday, I couldn't find a thing I didn't like about the school. The campus was great and they are still building on it trying to make the campus even better."

However, when it mattered most his time on campus showed him more about the inner workings of his future home on and off the field.

"I got a chance to visit the engineering building while I was there," said Kilgore. "I'm probably going to be majoring in engineering when I get in college and I came away impressed as the building was nice as I got a chance to look around it a little bit. They were very welcoming and gave me cards telling me if I have any questions to please give them a call.

"The football team is also major reason I picked Michigan State. As I said before, I spoke with DeAnthony Arnett about his transfer. He left Tennessee for Michigan State and I wanted his opinion and any inside information about the school and what goes on here.

"From what he told me it sounded really fun and interesting. The academics are great as I've heard only positive things about them. It also seemed to fit me as I felt very welcomed when I stepped on the field and I can see myself there. When I was out on the field I felt I couldn't wait until I get here to play."

As Kilgore has learned during the process he can't make everybody happy and many things play a role in making such a huge decision.

"I didn't get to visit Iowa but I did talk with Coach Ferentz and he seemed like a great person," said Kilgore. The worst part of this whole process is making the call to coaches you have formed a great relationship with and telling them you've made your decision but it's not your school.

"I really wanted to visit Iowa and the reason I didn't get to visit there was because of time. I was trying to find time to plan a trip that long to make it out there and back. I still hadn't done that and I planned on doing it early this week and it just didn't happen.

"Just thinking about how much of a struggle it was opened my eyes and made me think about what if something happened with one of my family members at home and how I would get back home. I know it would be a struggle to get back to Cincinnati and take care of a family member and that was a main reason I couldn't pick Iowa."

Since taking over the Michigan State program, Mark Dantonio has built a nice pipeline between Cincinnati and East Lansing with several players from the area. Did this play any role in picking the Spartans?

"It's always great to have somebody you've played with over the years to be up there with you," said Kilgore. It's always good to represent your hometown and with me, Shane Jones and Monty Madaris, we can all do that. It's also good to have guys you can share a ride back home with and to have guys with you that understand where you come from."

While Kilgore is sure to continue to hear from college programs in the future, he is sure his commitment to Michigan State is one he'll keep.

"I'm a man of my word," said Kilgore. "That is what we learn here at St. Xavier and what coach (Steve) Specht teaches all of us. If I'm going to go ahead and commit to a team then I'm 100% with that team and there is no turning back. I'm not a person who will commit and then decommit. If I tell you I'm with your school and I'm committing, that is it. "

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