Nike Camp: Day Two

INDIANAPOLIS - Rudy Gay is making his mark on this camp. Corey Brewer wasn't bad either on Monday. The action wasn't bad Monday night but the place will be electric when the coaches enter on Tuesday. recruiting expert Dave Telep breaks down Day 2 of the Nike Basketball Camp.

INDIANAPOLIS - Rudy Gay is making his mark on this camp. Corey Brewer wasn't bad either on Monday. The action wasn't bad Monday night but the place will be electric when the coaches enter on Tuesday.

Nike Camp, Day Two

2004 Checklist

Rudy Gay, SF: Though we didn't get to see this one first hand, The Sporting News' Mike DeCourcy did and he couldn't rave enough about Gay (which is how we felt yesterday). Apparently he did everything from rebound in traffic, to drill jumpers and for his encore guarded Ra'Sean Dickey in the post. Should he play like this the rest of the way, he'll be the story of the camp.

Corey Brewer, SF: The Gators newest recruit was big time. Let's start with his defense which was stellar. However, he took the cake when he stole and alley oop pass at the rim. To sum up his offense we'll start the nasty dunk he threw down on DeAaron Williams. He drilled a few 3s, crashed the glass for a follow dunk and was overall outstanding.

A.J. Price, G: We missed the game but he drew rave reviews for his play again tonight. Go figure, a guard from New York doing well at a camp. We've heard this before.

Dion Dowell, SF: If he is in fact Texas' No. 4 recruit, that speaks volumes for the Longhorns class. This guy was draining 3s, mid-range jumpers and passing the basketball like he's played with his camp teammates for years.

Magnum Rolle, PF: Apparently he's from the Bahamas but he may be playing high school hoops in the States. Anyway, we've got to spend more time watching him because he's a talent. He played a lot on the wing and at 6-10 wasn't about of place.

2005 Checklist

Greg Paulus, PG: He participated in what was an ugly camp game but it wasn't his fault. During his runs he handled the ball extremely well but passed it even better. He was zipping big time assists all over the place and his athletic reverse finish was a new one.

Scout's Perspective

Matt Terwilliger's long anticipated maturation process is underway. His body is finally catching up to his game and that's great news for Ohio State. Tyler Hansbrough flashed a little of the nastiness he displayed at the Hoop Jamboree. Greg Paulus' special gift is his court vision. This Steve Blake-play-a-like finds kids all the time.

Roy Hibbert has great size but his offense remains mechanical. It's time to turn up the intensity.  Junior center Tyrell Biggs would out of his element. The 282 pounder fired a few 3s and strayed way too much from the basket for our tastes. ' Ron Coleman looked really aggressive tonight. He did some nice work from the post.

Rico Tucker, a guard, has some serious rise to his game. Big time hops. We didn't see the game but reports were that Shawne Williams was excellent for the second straight evening. Guess who was at it again' That's right Steven Hill is rejecting shots at a pretty good rate here. '

Admirably, JamesOn Curry ran the point tonight and he'll have to do that a lot on his camp team. It's a shame that in a lot of camp situations he gets cast in the role of point guard. He passed the ball well but there isn't much relief on his team that will allow him to slide over to his natural position.

Junior Yamene Coleman ranks as one of the best tippers at the rim we've seen. K.C. Rivers is like a point forward. Actually, he's a tough guy to categorize in a position sense but he can ball and his speed caught us by surprise tonight. We hear that Jason Rich strung together a nice game. Apparently he was impressive with his poise and balance.

News & Notes:

Here's a sneak peek at the Oak Hill's lineup next season: Josh Smith, Dayshaun Wright, Rajon Rondo, K.C. Rivers and a 6-11 import from Senegal. Don't worry, there will be more.   It's a good year for uniforms at the Nike Camp.  Joe Crawford arrives at camp today. He was slowed down by a summer school exam.  Best nickname here: 2006 power forward Durrell Arthur. To his friends he's 'Slim Shady. It's important to note that power forward Brian Johnson is not 100% this week.

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