Benenoch Updates Interest In Spartans

Caleb Benenoch looked like another hidden gem Mark Dantonio and his staff unearthed early in the recruiting process. However, once the Spartans got on board, others took notice and Benenoch became one of the top prospects available in the Midlands. Is the big offensive lineman still considering MSU? We have the latest.

At 6-foot-6 and over 300-pounds, Katy (TX) Seven Lakes offensive lineman Caleb Benenoch looked to fill a major need in Michigan State's 2013 recruiting class when he issued his verbal pledge back in March.

However, once word got out about the Spartans newest pledge, others looked to keep the Lone Star prospect closer to home. All the new interest surprised Benenoch early, but he soon figured out what others have learned. Michigan State knows talent.

"I was surprised a little," said Benenoch. "But I've been working hard and I'm glad to see it pay off. I feel you can also attest this to Michigan State being able to find talent. I think a lot of college across the country are starting to respect that Michigan State is able to find talent when other teams don't.

"They've been getting players that weren't highly sought after out of high school and they've been winning 11 games with them and competing for Big Ten championships with them. So people are starting to respect Michigan State's talent and I think that has helped to. Because when I got that Michigan State offer, a lot of schools started to take a second look."

By the time June rolled around, Benenoch knew he needed to step back and take a second look at his decision. Despite being disappointed, Benenoch learned more about the Spartans coaching staff in the way they handled the news.

"During the recruiting process you feel pressure from a lot of people," said Benenoch. "You don't want to feel pressure from the people who are recruiting you as it's a big turnoff as far as recruiting goes for me.

"The way they handled everything has helped a lot and the reason I kept them in there. Even after I decommitted, they were really accepting of it and understood my situation and said they wanted to still recruit me. So I was happy with the way they handled things."

Having already made one commitment has definitely slowed the way Benenoch is handling the second go around.

"I'm a long way from making a commitment to any school," said Benenoch. "I'm really going to take my time in making this next commitment. Most likely, almost positively, this is going to go into the football season as I'll wait until I'm done with all my officials before making a decision. So we're looking at December or maybe January."

Does Michigan State still have a chance for one of his officials?

"As far as Michigan State goes, I'm keeping in touch with the coaches and will try and make it up for my official during the Notre Dame game," said Benenoch. "If I can't make that one, I'll try and make one of the other ones. But I will definitely try and get up there before I commit."

Who else does Benenoch expect to take official visits with?

"I'm not going to do my officials necessary to my five favorite schools," said Benenoch. "It's going to be to the five schools I couldn't get to by driving. There is no need for me to take an official to Texas if I can drive there. It's going to be for schools like Stanford, Northwestern and Michigan State. Schools I couldn't get to by driving, that is who is going to get my officials."

When asked why he backed away from the Spartans, Benenoch explained his reasoning.

"The way I looked at it, I got a job offer up in Michigan," said Benenoch. "I told them I was going to go to Michigan and accept that job offer. But then I got offers closer to home where I could be in front of my family and not be too far away from them.

"So I kind of looked at it as I wanted to look at these other offers I received without them holding a roster spot or letting them believe I was still going to come there. I don't want to be one of those guys who decommits in December or January right before signing day and they don't have a chance to replace me or find someone to take my spot.

"So I wanted to do it early so they have a chance to take a look at some other guys just in case I don't go there. My parents want me closer to home a little bit. It is one of the things they talk about and they just wanted me to take another look."

If the Spartans can get Benenoch on campus this fall there is still a chance they can pull him out of Texas. will continue to check in to see if Benenoch is able to make it up for the Notre Dame game.

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