Norman & Bullough Ready

The two veterans of the Michigan State linebacker crew know much will be expected out of them this fall after back-to-back 11 win seasons. Max Bullough and Chris Norman both feel 2012 has the makings for another special year for the Spartans.

With the clock about to strike twelve on his Michigan State career, senior linebacker Chris Norman knows this preseason is his last wearing the Green & White. He knows it's up to him to make it worthwhile.

"I can approach camp from a fun perspective and that's really my goal this preseason to have a lot of fun at camp," said Norman. "It's going to be my last one and I want to make it my best."

While Max Bullough still has another season after this one, he's learned the meaning and importance of camp.

"It's a marathon, not a spring," said Bullough. "It's definitely tough. We haven't been into the thick of it yet, with hitting every day. You have to take it day by day; everyday has a lot of the same.

"You have to pick one thing each day to get better at or pick a week to get better at something. You really can't worry about when are we going to be done or when's this and when's that. Take it as it is, we are going to be here for two or three weeks, just handle it like that."

Bullough and Norman know camp is as important for the veterans as it is for those getting ready to push for playing time this fall after being in the program for a year.

"They (redshirt freshmen) are doing a really good job," said Norman. "Not only on what they are doing but also on pushing the older players to do what we can do as well. I think they are really talented, just naturally have a lot of physical talents as they can run and hit and do things like that. They are picking up the schemes really well and I think they are going to do some really good things in the future."

Bullough knows having veterans allows for practice to take a game day like experience.

"It allows us to not worry about the schemes and what they are telling us," said Bullough. "It allows us to play fast and quick earlier in the season. That is going to be a positive for us."

Both players know there is still unfinished business from last season and share the desire to work for continued improvement.

"Experience and having the retention is a huge advantage," said Bullough. "Other than that, it's about coming together even more than we did last year, playing as a defense with discipline. It's just about making plays. We have guys that have experience making big plays and it's about making more of them."

I think (defensive coordinator) Pat Narduzzi is doing a really good job with that," said Norman. "He's not going to let us get complacent attitudes just by the way he coaches. From a player's perspective we know we have a lot to prove still because we lost in the Big Ten Championship and didn't go to the Rose Bowl."

For Bullough, having Denicos Allen next to him is a major advantage.

"First of all, he's an extremely emotional player," said Bullough. "Before the game, him and I are always getting very excited. He's a very explosive player, he might not be the biggest player out there, but he's a lot faster than me, I can tell you that much.

"Given those abilities that he has, he has the ability to take over a game at any time. And with the experience he had last year and I gained with him, it's just going to make him a better player. The sky is the limit for a guy like him."

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