Narduzzi Feeling Good About Defense

When updating members of the media about the progress of his highly regarded defense, Michigan State defensive coordinator Pat Narduzzi continues to feel good.

Michigan State posted their 15-th practice of the preseason on Thursday afternoon. For Pat Narduzzi it is still hard for him to find something to be disappointed in.

"I'm most excited about our depth, where if a guy goes down, I'm not feeling like ‘ugh, stop practice and let's come back tomorrow and see if that guy is back," said Narduzzi. "That's how it used to be. So I'm most excited about the depth that we have.

"I can't say I'm disappointed in anything. Coaches don't get disappointed. If we get down and disappointed, it's a bad day. We don't have bad days. I'm not disappointed."

With a wealth of talent returning this fall, Narduzzi is spending plenty of time evaluating both experienced and young players in camp.

"Obviously, the experience is huge because you get in a game and (there's) something you haven't seen, the guy who has the experience is going to react to it a lot better than the guy who doesn't have the experience. So if all things are equal, you're going to go with the guy who has the experience."

One player Narduzzi is not worried about is junior middle linebacker Max Bullough.

"Max is going a great job," said Narduzzi. "He looks great, just like we thought. He's our leader again. He might be the all-around leader, not only vocally as far as getting our defense lined up, but the whole boat."

One battle Narduzzi feels is still being answered is at defensive tackle. Who does Narduzzi have as his starter?

"I can't tell you," said Narduzzi. "I don't know. But it's become a three-man battle (Tyler Hoover, James Kittredge, Micajah Reynolds). Reynolds is having a great camp. Nobody's talking about him, but Reynolds is really playing well. You never know, which is good.

"The light came on. He's so much better than he was in the bowl game. He played some in the bowl game, and I was ready to ship him back to offense. I would never ship him back now…Micajah's playing well.

"I think he's locked in. I think he'd cry if he moved from defense right now because he's playing so well."

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