Last Look Back Offense: Boise State

We take one last look at Friday night's game against Boise State looking at each position on the offensive side of the ball.

Each week we'll take a look back at each side of the football from the previous game before moving on to the next one. While the Boise State game is a major victory, there were a few questions to raise moving forward.


Those who did not watch the game may be saying Michigan State is in trouble as Andrew Maxwell had three passes intercepted. What they didn't see was that one was clearly Maxwell throwing behind the receiver and the other two being tipped. We'll also give Maxwell a half credit on the tipped dump pass that was picked off as it looked like he tossed it to the wrong shoulder and with a little too much muster.

Hitting on just over 57% of his throws in his first career start is acceptable as was the 11.3 average per completion.

Also keep in mind Boise State recorded seven quarterback hurries so Maxwell was feeling some pressure during the game.

Spartan Digest Grade B-


As we wrote in our Monday Quarterback the Spartans received one of the best performances by a running back in Le'Veon Bell's 210 yard, two touchdown night. The problem was he carried the ball 44 times while Larry Caper and Nick Hill combined for five carries. At this pace Bell will post over 450 carries on the year. Bell was the savior against Boise State and must get help from others in the Spartans skill positions. Because of Bell's performance this position gets a great grade.

Spartan Digest Grade A+


Like Bell, tight end Dion Sims played a major role in the Spartans offensive success. Tony Lippett and Bennie Fowler have the talent to be great but must learn from their mistakes. Tight end Andrew Gleichert got a catch but also missed at least one key block during the game. Take away the one tipped ball and the fumble and this group would have earned a grade equal to that of the running backs. Because of Dion Sims the grade will be higher.

Spartan Digest Grade B


During the game and following right after the game I wasn't too high on the play of the offensive line. Then I went back and watched the film and came away feeling a little better. Jack Allen earned his first playing experience with a start and showed he's a freshman at times. However, overall he was solid considering the pressure he must have felt. The loss of Skyler Burkland was felt in my opinion as I still feel the best offensive line for the Spartans would consist of (left – right) Burkland, Dan France, Travis Jackson, Chris McDonald and Fou Fonoti. From what I've been told Burkland should be back by the Notre Dame game.

As a group the offensive line did a solid job of helping Bell hit for over 200 yards and that has to be taken into account. Boise State recorded seven quarterback hurries and a couple of them were from other players missing assignments from what I saw. This group has too much talent not to get better and we should get a better feel about them after Saturday's game.

Spartan Digest Grade B

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