Andrew Maxwell Talks Boise State & More

Michigan State quarterback Andrew Maxwell stood in front of members of the media on Tuesday and answered the tough questions in the aftermath of the Spartans win over Boise State.

While at times it may not have looked pretty, Michigan State quarterback Andrew Maxwell felt better Tuesday following Friday's win over Boise State having gone back and watched the film. Especially when it came to the three interceptions he threw in the game.

"The first two were just kind of unfortunate," said Maxwell. "Deflections that they came up with, that are fixable mistakes, which are something as a quarterback or as in Tony's case, something that you just have to mark it off as unfortunate and let it go and move on to the next play.

"The third one just an inaccurate throw. If I throw a yard out in front of him, it's probably a touchdown, and we go into halftime with all the momentum in the world. Instead, it fell behind him, it gets intercepted, and you're at a cross roads as a player. Not the first half that you hoped for. Not the first half that you prepared for.

"Then going into the locker room, you can decide to go one of two ways. You can either tank and feel bad about it, feel bad for yourself and just kind of hang it up. Or you can press on and realize there is still a game to be won, and we have to make the plays and go do that."

Despite the mistakes, Maxwell feels he reached the goals he set prior to the game.

"We get a goal card every week," explained Maxwell. "And the first thing, there are five goals. Can you write up to five goals on it? The first thing I write every week is be a great decision maker. I thought I did a good job of making good decisions. With the interceptions, they weren't bad decisions. In some cases they were just unfortunate, and in a case, it was inaccuracy. There were one or two plays where a decision was probably poor, so for that I thought I did a good job making good decisions."

One of the hot topics that found legs on Monday was talk of teammates taking to Twitter and talking some smack about Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson. Does Maxwell have a Twitter account?

"I do have a Twitter," said Maxwell. "I don't tweet that much. Frankly, because I can never really think of anything that interesting to say. It can be used in good ways and it can be used in bad ways."

Does he feel the need to address teammates about the tweets?

"Not personally," said Maxwell. "I'm sure Coach Dantonio will address it today, but we have a lot of training on that. Guys know the ramifications of it. On Saturday night there were a couple of instances of poor judgment. I didn't see exactly what was said, so I can't really comment on what was said or why they said it. But we know the ramifications and the responsibility as players that what we see will be seen by a lot of people and we need to exercise better judgment."

Saturday's game brings Maxwell even closer to home as the Spartans travel to Mt. Pleasant to play Central Michigan. What's it going to be like to be playing so close to home?

"It's going to be a cool experience," said Maxwell. "I'm excited for it. I grew up going to games there. As you know and I've said before, my dad and I would go there almost every weekend that they had a game.

"A lot of my good friends go to Central, so they'll be in the student section, and that's going to be fun. It's going to be a cool atmosphere, and a lot of Michigan State fans will make the trip. I think the stadium will be about as full as it's ever been, so it will be a cool experience for both teams."

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