Bell Keeping a Level Head

It would be easy for Le'Veon Bell to get caught up in all the early hype. However, the junior running back knows he's a long way from being the player he wants to be.

After a breakout game against Boise State, Michigan State running back Le'Veon Bell was one of the hottest names in all of college football. However, don't expect the Ohio native to feel any different or get a big head.

"You know things really haven't changed for me," said Bell. "I mean, just like on campus, you know a lot of guys are really like noticing my face or whatever. But on the football and practice field and in the classroom, things haven't really changed. I'm keeping my head level and going out there and working hard playing football."

One thing Bell has learned early about hype, it to try and stay away from everything he's capable of watching or hearing. Especially on television. How does Bell do this?

"Just keep away from ESPN a lot," explained Bell. "Not really watching it, especially when colleges are on. I'll watch the NFL or whatever. But not listening to the hype and listening to all the noise and everything, keeping my head level and making sure I go out and keep working and doing everything I can do in games."

Many have wondered the toll Bell's body took after his 44 carry performance against Boise State. For Bell, news of the number of carries he totaled even surprised him.

"I was getting interviewed after the game and they had told me I had 44 carries and I'm like, wow, I didn't even realize I had the ball that many times," said Bell. "But I was fine and my body was great."

How did he feel the next morning?

"I was sore" said Bell. "But I was just as sore as I will be in any game. "I didn't feel like too sore or more sore than any other game. In the game, I didn't feel like I even got that ball that many times. I really didn't even feel it. That's the great thing that Coach Mannie, helped get my body together and make sure I'm conditioned for the game."

Bell knows if he's successful there is a good chance first year starting quarterback Andrew Maxwell will also be successful.

"You know, we always wanted to run the ball," said Bell. "Now we have the all-star lineup to do it and these guys are experienced up front, we want to get back to running the football and help get pressure off of Maxwell and when teams start to crowd the box, really stop that run game, we have guys on the outside that can get open. We just want to be a balanced offense and help everybody on offense."

As for Notre Dame, Bell knows he can't do it alone and fully expected the Irish defense to try and stop the run first.

"You know, you want to be balanced on offense," said Bell. "Those guys can come out and be physical, they are going to want to stop the run early. We want to run the ball early, so we might get stopped in the beginning of the game but they we want to wear those guys out over the course of the game. Those four-yard runs can turn into eight-yard runs near the end of the game and that's what we want to do, just wear guys out and run the ball hard.

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