Irish Frustrate Spartans

Two years ago Michigan State used a little magic in beating Notre Dame with a final play in overtime called Little Giants. On Saturday night, Spartan Magic was missing as the Green & White failed to even reach the red-zone.

There was no nail biting or magic play for Michigan State fans on Saturday night as the No.10 Spartans fell to Notre Dame 20-3 in front of 79,219 fans.

In fact, offense was sparse for the Spartans and spending time in the red-zone was nonexistent. Notre Dame came to East Lansing with a game plan that showed that one of the top defenses in college football could be stretched as the Irish offense gained 300 yards scored the first two offensive touchdowns against the Spartans this season.

While the defense had their struggles, the offense fared even worse as the Spartans failed to reach the red-zone or the end-zone on the night.

Spartans offensive coordinator Dan Roushar summed it up best.

"We had a lack of explosive plays," said Roushar. "That's the first thing that jumps out. I have to put the guys in better situations. We will go back and look at it. Earlier in the game we ran the football pretty well. We did not have a field position, when we did move the ball down there we weren't able to sustain and finish a drive."

In closing Roushar shared the same feelings many Spartan fans had as they left Spartan Stadium.

"Frustrating," said Roushar. "It's not for lack of work. We just didn't execute well enough. They did a good job. Early in the third quarter, we start into two minute mode, trying to get something going. Maybe we have to wait for what we should have. I don't know, we will have to evaluate and look at it. It is very disappointing, we can be better than that and will look to do that."

Andrew Maxwell shared the same feelings as his coordinator.

"It is frustrating because that's not the identity of our offense," said Maxwell. "We want to establish the run first and foremost, get plays like that going on first and second down, leave ourselves third and medium or third and short. But we left ourselves too many third and longs. When you're in third and long seemingly every series, it doesn't matter how good of an offense you are its hard to convert third down on a third and long. That's something that we have to get better at and that's not our identity, that's the frustrating part."

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