At The Half - Michigan

Despite not putting points on the board, Michigan State is fully in this game with just one play away from turning the tables. Can they get the job done? This and more at our quick look at the half.

Michigan State trails 6-0 going to the locker room at the half with questions still lingering if the Spartans have any offense in them to stay in this game. Here is our quick look at the half of the battle between the Spartans and Wolverines. The Good

The score is only 6-0 at halftime. That is about as good as it gets right now for this Spartans team.

Andrew Maxwell is showing his arm strength throwing deep.

Donavon Clark earned his first career start and while not perfect he's doing well for such a young player.

The Bad

Dan Conroy misses again a field goal he would have hit the past two years.

Penalties have reared their head as the Spartans have four on the board for 30 yards.

Drew Dileo has found the break in the Spartans defense pulling in three balls of 72 yards.

Le'Veon Bell has yet to get going with an average of 2.8 yards a carry. The Spartans overall have 25 yards rushing after two quarters.

The Spartans have failed to score or reach the red-zone.


Despite the 6-0 score the Spartans are still in this game and only a touchdown and extra point away from holding a lead. The Defense must come out and stop the Wolverines on their first drive while the offense must put points on the board.

The defense must make a big play as was the case the past two seasons and the offense must stay steady and call something the Wolverines have not seen. A hurry up offense could work wonders early in the third quarter.

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