Moving Forward: Tight Ends

As we finish out our look at the 2012 season we'll be looking at each aspect of the Michigan State football program from coaches, players and more to see what the future might hold. Our next stop is at the tight end position.

Over the years since Mark Dantonio has been the head coach at Michigan State the Spartans have done well at tight end. This season depth was an issued with an injury to the top tight end on the team missing a couple of big game. Here is a look forward at the Spartans tight ends.

Tight Ends Coach: Dan Roushar (6 seasons)

If there is a coach Michigan State fans are calling for a change its Roushar. This has nothing to do with the development of tight ends and all about his duties as offensive coordinator. We'll look at those duties in another article as this is about the play of the tight ends. Overall the play of Dion Sims has been very solid as the junior fought injury during the mid part of the season. Paul Lang also showed he's a player to keep an eye on going forward as the tight end position will always be part of a Mark Dantonio team. We feel Roushar has done a good job in this role as there are a few young players fans will have a chance to see in the spring.

Leaving The Program

No tight ends are at the stage of leaving the program from graduation.

Biggest Question

Much like Le'Veon Bell there is some talk that Dion Sims could look at his draft status and if good enough make the jump. If Sims hears all the right things look for him to leave a year of eligibility on the table and take his chances much like Edwin Baker did a year ago. Right now Sims is considered a player the NFL would look at in the third round or higher, but many players in the past have also seen the early positive signs only to become free agents.

Moving Forward

If Sims were to leave that leaves Paul Lang as the first option followed by former walk-on Andrew Gleichert who jumped over Derek Hoebing for playing time this season. Also waiting in the wings will be Jamare Mills, Evan Jones and Joshiah Price.

Spartan Digest Take

Sims would be a big loss but not as big as Bell's departure. There is depth in the program that is young and unproven so this spring would be a major test to see who would step and grad their chance to earn playing time when camp opens in August.

I like the athletic ability of Price and Mills is a big framed tight end with a year of junior college behind him. The Spartans could survive the loss of Sims but would stronger with him on the field.

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