Future Spartan QB Reflects On Past

Michigan State quarterback pledge Damion Terry looks to win a state championship tonight but the journey as one of the top quarterback prospects almost didn't happen. Terry reflects on his path to the next level and talks about a recent visit by Spartans head coach Mark Dantonio.

From eighth grade running back to top quarterback in the state of Pennsylvania. The ride Erie (PA) Prep quarterback Damion Terry has taken ends Friday night in the PIAA Class AAA football championship game.

When Damion Terry gave Michigan State head coach Mark Dantonio his verbal commitment in April many questioned the decision by the Spartans to take a player unknown by many in the recruiting world.

Looking back, Terry and Dantonio are having the last laugh as the Terry will look to lead Erie (PA) Cathedral Prep to a state championship on Friday night. However, Terry is not afraid to say his path to quarterback stardom was an accident in junior high.

"I never saw myself as a quarterback," Terry told SpartanDigest.com. "In eighth grade we had a scrimmage and I was the starting running back at the time. We didn't have a back-up quarterback and our coach put all the second string people in and threw me in at quarterback. I didn't have any interceptions and threw like three touchdowns.

"That Monday he told me I was the starting quarterback and we did really well and I led my team to a championship. It's just carried on since then."

Entering the championship game Terry has passed for 48 touchdowns and nearly 4,000 yards passing. Something Terry knew was possible but others may have had doubt.

"I have to thank my teammates and coaches for allowing me the opportunity this year to just air it out," said Terry. "All the hard work has paid off as this year I've been working on my accuracy and my consistency.

"The recruiting process just got started off slow as I didn't really go to many camps other than the Elite 11 camp and Michigan State's camp. So that really got my name out there and I wanted to show why Michigan State gave me an offer for all of those who didn't know about me."

Recently Terry received an in-school visit from the Spartans and it turned some heads in the process.

"Coach Dantonio and (assistant) Coach (Mark) Staten came by the school and gave me and Delton (Williams) a visit," said Terry. "It was a great honor to have him at our school as I know he's a real busy guy. But just knowing he took the time out of his schedule to just visit me really meant a lot.

What all did Terry and Dantonio do and talk about during the visit?

"It was just like a normal conversation I would have with my dad," said Terry. "I've gotten real close to them and it was just a conversation to see how things were going. Coach Dantonio had never been to our school before so I toured him around.

"As I was touring him around people were really shocked to see him walking our hallways and it was really weird for me, but really cool and a great experience."

While Terry is at the top of his game heading into his final high school contest he knows growing up in the region of Pennsylvania he has allowed him to take his game to another level.

"I feel growing up here and playing here in Western PA has prepared me well," said Terry. "There are a lot of good athletes and Division One quality players that come out of this area. I've watched a lot of film of the guys in this area and we have some of the cream of the crop. So it's been a fun time playing against a lot of great players over the years and I feel it has prepared me well for the next level."

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